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Outfit Post: 7/11/12

I am constantly fascinated by just how poorly this skirt photographs. The pattern just is not camera-friendly. It’s so cute in real life, but always looks super blurry by the time it gets to the screen. Weirdness!

For all my shorts love yesterday, I really wanted to dress up. So I did. And then spent an hour trying to figure out if I was actually going into work, or if today needed to be the CLEAN-ALL-THE-THINGS day before Dance For Science. Which, yeah. Yeah. I needed to clean everything. This is the problem with hosting a dance exchange y’all. Everything is grabbing for your attention and there is just too much to get done.

So today: cleaning. Which means the high heels go off almost as soon as they came on, but I’ll wear them out later, I promise. I still love these heels with a passion I can’t even explain. Mia is the best for thrifting them for me. Tomorrow, I get our user study room ready to run our experiment Friday with five groups of three teenagers and hope that all of our using undergrads was not a complete wash. Whoof.

Jewelry all up on this lady, yes! For cleaning. Man, I should’ve decided whether or not I was going to work before I got dressed. Definitely a dork.

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Comments on: "Outfit Post: 7/11/12" (3)

  1. lol. You’re so funny. There are just days you want to dress up though; I totally feel ya!

  2. That skirt is really cute ~ and I really like the heels. You and Mia must have lots of fun thrifting :)

  3. I can attest to this skirt’s lovely-in-real-life properties, although I will say it doesn’t look bad in the pictures either! Also, I’m always thrilled that you like the heels, because they were so very you and I was so very hopeful that they would work out. :3 Have funsies with the dance and tell us all about it afterward!

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