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Outfit Post: 8/27/12

Top, skirt, belt, shoes: Thrifted — Pendant: Grouse and Badger — Bracelet: Found — Earrings: Vendor on campus

Oh man, y’all. Today is a Crabby Mia Day.

A combination of sleep problems and some frustrating dead ends at work mean that I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything; I just want to sit in the corner and grump like a toddler.

Excellent behavior for someone who’s turning 24 in ten days, right? Yes, indeed.

I’m doing my best to let the crabbiness wash off my back, but it’s slow going. Maybe some music will help?

Yes, I’m thinking that the Current Big Internet Thing is perfectly designed to take my mind off my grumpitudes:

Heyyyyy, sexy lady!

Comments on: "Outfit Post: 8/27/12" (7)

  1. Aww today is also ‘Pretty Mia day’! I love the skirt and shirt combo. Hope tomorrow is grump free :-)

  2. I hope your day improves soon! I think music will definitely help. (I wish I could see the video! Dangit, work internet!) I really like the pattern mixing you have going on today, and I must say, that is an excellent belt :)

  3. I love this outfit! It reminds me of… square dancing. Yes, please go square dancing in this and report back. It might improve your mood!

  4. Mia can’t be crabby. Mia looks fabulous and Gracey loves her outfit.

    Also, Mia should listen to Elise and go square dancing. And report back.

  5. Great pattern mixing! The light is really excellent in these photos as well. And maybe have a fancy coffee as well. That could totally fix at least 50% of your grumpiness.

  6. I want that pendant. Real. Bad.

  7. rubybastille said:

    Happy almost birthday! Instead of getting you a present I am going to steal your red belt. I’m sure you understand.

    Also, I was in one of my bff’s wedding this weekend (like, one of my friends, not one of her weddings, because there will only be one, anyway) and all twenty-ish guests under 25 did the Gagnam Style dance after the adults got partied out. Yes. It was magnificent.

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