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Outfit Post: 9/27/12

Orange pants, orange pants, what do I wear with orange pants? Well, apparently, the last time I wore them, I did it with a gray button front, a belt, and mah boots. These poor boots are already falling apart, which is tragic; I’ve only had them for one season, but I wore the crap out of them last year. I think at some point in my future, I’m going to invest in a nice pair of boots. Still, for as cheap as these were, I got a really good feel for what I want in my next pair: leather uppers(instead of suede), the same mid-calf length, and a slightly higher heel than these (these have like a 1/2″ heel, and I’d prefer a full 1″, maybe even 1-3/4″).


I think that is one of the beauties of thrift stores and places like payless. If you’re buying something for the very first time, you can assess whether or not they will work for you, or what particular combination of characteristics makes it work for you.

Try all the things! For really cheap! And then invest! Sounds perfectly reasonable to me. :)



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  1. I’m guessing, based on the lack of a team post, that both of you doing the orange + grey/black on the same day was unintentional? :D

  2. I totally agree with the point you made about thrifting/Payless; it’s a great way to try something before spending the big bucks. There is nothing I hate more than spending a lot of money on something that just doesn’t work. If I’ve thrifted it and it doesn’t work, it’s a lot easier to take.

  3. I get my boots from the Clark Outlet in Indiana. let me know if you want to take a trip with me sometime soon..

  4. You are rocking the orange pants again, I love them!

    Every woman needs one spectacularly wonderful pair of investment shoes or boots. I say that because that’s all I can afford :P

  5. Becky Shelley said:

    I was hoping to see one of the scarves come out with your orange pants. I’m glad you could find boots that fit you wish I could find some to skim my massive calves ;-( I spend way too much time on my feet not to have comfortable shoes so yes you need to invest in a good pair. Also I find low heel doesn’t always = comfort I find over an inch but under 2 the best for me . Good luck on your search for quality comfortable boots that fit! Softspots just came out with a pair I saw in my latest footsmart catalog…They are my favorite shoes wonder if the boots are as well???

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