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Hey y’all – I’m back from Baltimore! Let me tell you a teensy bit about my bad ass weekend at the Grace Hopper conference. It was a strange experience: 3500 women and some 100 men gathered together to talk tech and talk about moving through the world of tech as a woman. I had mini-interviews with xerox parc and yahoo!Research, and got to drop resumes with folks at Intel and Microsoft’s Games group. I also found out about some smaller companies that might be good to know about too. Hopefully, networking will lead to a sweet summer internship next year so that I can have some real, industry time under my metaphorical belt before I leave academia.

Not only did I get to meet and talk to professionals, I also got a crapton of swag. A usb charged speaker, a couple water bottles, a bunch of shopping bags, notebooks, pens, tissues(which I totally needed and used with my cold), chapstick, a nail file, four t-shirts including the one in these outfit pictures and, oh, yes, a fracking Windows phone. Microsoft had a “Play Dance Central 2″ booth at the final evening of the conference, and gave away a phone every half hour to the highest scoring person. I kicked butt at it. :) I actually ended up going up against someone in sudden death, and had a blast with that girl too! (We were so close, they decided to give us both phones anyway.) Now I just have to figure out what to do with an AT&T phone when I’m on Sprint.

All and all, the conference was great, and introduced me to the work of many women doing lots of different kinds of technology work. Which brings me to my next point. Next Tuesday, October 16 is Ada Lovelace Day! I think some of you may remember this from last year, but both Mia and I are going to find a woman in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics that you probably haven’t heard of, and talk about their work. My goal is to find someone I know most folks don’t know about. I hope you’ll consider joining us in this celebration of women in STEM fields!



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Comments on: "Outfit Post: 10/7/12 + Ada Lovelace Day Announcement" (3)

  1. Welcome back! The conference sounds wonderful!

  2. Go Ada Lovelace Day! I interviewed an awesome lady who is coordinating a Wikipedia edit-a-thon for ALD and wrote about it at Scientific American:
    Unfortunately, I’ll be at a conference on October 16, so I’ll be too busy talking shop to do any kind of formal ALD stuff.

  3. I didn’t know you would be in Baltimore, or I would have said hello! But I may have been in Philadelphia at that time, so the point is probably moot.

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