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Outfit Post: 10/9/12


So I cracked up yesterday when I saw Gracey’s post yesterday, because damn. Apparently great minds think alike. Her outfit is basically mine plus some brightness. Clearly, my time reading Fashion For Giants has not gone amiss at all!


Though I really should iron my orange pants. Yeesh. I’m not sure why the bottom third wrinkles so much, but it’s starting to actually bother me. I don’t iron things guys. I have an iron mostly in case art projects pop up or Braden needs to look super crisp and is going to do his own ironing. But I might make an exception to that rule for these super wrinkley pants. Yeesh.


Oh man. Now that I’m looking at the pictures, I’m even more convinced I need to iron that bottom part out at least. Pants! Why are you so high maintenance?

That’s better, no wrinkles here. Just my cozy cable knit sweater, the colorful scarf my mom made me, and my faaaaaded hair. Whump whump.


Comments on: "Outfit Post: 10/9/12" (3)

  1. I love this look! One can never go wrong by emulating Gracey :)

  2. Becky Shelley said:

    yay a scarf in play ! I just wasn’t sure, the eye roll I received made me wonder!

    • :P you make me sound ungrateful. When I think about what’s in my closet, I have to look up, to try and process all the colors. :P

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