Outfit Post: 7/29/11 (8of30)

Polo: Old Navy — Skirt: Goodwill (Banana Republic) — Shoes: Goodwill (What’s What by Aerosole) — Bracelet: Gift

As I write this I’m watching the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 2 on Netflix. Who says I can’t multitask? JUJUBEE NOOOO

Uh, anyway. You can tell this is a Friday outfit because I only really have the nerve to wear this denim-ish skirt on Fridays in our mostly-formal department. Also, I’ve been wearing this, my most favorite orange ombre polo shirt, on Fridays, because we’re encouraged to wear the school colors (black and orange) or a department polo. And I, uh, “accidentally” packed my too-big-and-made-out-of-basketball-shorts-material department polo, so I figure this is the only way not to get the side-eye from our VP. I think it’s a cute combination, anyway; I love the snaps and little belt-y details on the skirt.

(Also, uh, sorry about the grainy-ass quality of these pictures. I stopped by Target on the way home and missed most of the good light on the porch, so I worked with what I had.)

I promise this isn’t me drunkenly trying to strip for the camera. This was meant to be a collar-pop shoutout to my bro, broseph, broheim Chelsea. I did it for you, bro! Now let’s go ice some bros and get down with a game of flip-cup. BROOOOOO.


8 of 30: Another Day, Another Way to Wrap

While I’m happy with the way the skirt looks, I need to relegate this top to vest only. The pictures I took today involved side-boob to the max because this top is a might bit too small to serve as a shirt. Soooo…fewer pictures than normal from me today. Also, a complete failure to get any shots that included shoes. Alas. Still, I was wearing those stupid black flats(8), yet again. The rest of the outfit is 10, 13 and 15.

Yet another way to wear a sarong: this time I wrapped around my waist, safety pinned it and then folded the top over and then belted it. I’m not sure why I needed all that security, but hey. The only time my skirt went places was while I was biking, a valuable lesson for myself. Honestly, every time I wear this sarong, I can’t believe I went most of a decade not wearing it. I’ve had this since the summer of eighth grade, and really only within this blog’s lifetime have I started playing with it, rather than just using it as a beach cover-up.

You might be thinking to yourself: for someone who didn’t start wearing earrings until a few days ago, you sure have a lot of them, Tia. This is true. I have craptons of earrings. Oodles. And buckets. This is mostly the product of being the daughter of an Avon lady and being addicted to Claire’s and throughout various times in my life, wanting to be as cool as Mia. The more holes in your ears, the cooler you are kids. So Mia is still beating me in the coolness department, as far as ear-holes.

Pretty chill day today. Realizing now that I’ve almost completely created a buffer for my adventures in Austin, which had definitely been a goal of mine. Now, time to get other things ready, like my horribly messy apartment, so that my cat sitter doesn’t come to realize how much of a slob I actually am.


Outfit Post: 7/28/11 (7of30)

Top: Goodwill (H&M) — Cami: Gift (Active Basic) — Skirt: Goodwill (New York & Company) — Shoes: Ross (Sag Harbor) — Bracelets: Gift — Earrings: Target

Okay, so you can’t even see it in any of these pictures, but I had to wear a cami under this shirt because it’s cut slightly too low and shows bra, which, y’know, not so great for a reception desk. I didn’t plan on it being hotter than the last few days, though, and was pretty much instantly regretting wearing an extra layer of clothing for modesty’s sake. I should have gotten a boob apron. (There are so many problems with that video, not to mention the comments–when aren’t youtube comments problematic?–but damn if it doesn’t make me laugh like a maniac anyway.) Blegh. It made me all fun and sweaty on my walk to the library, and then I got to look classy in front of a very tired and confused librarian while I explained to her that yes, my boyfriend has had this copy of Memoirs of a Geisha checked out for five or six years, do they want it back? (Surprisingly, though, it was still in the system. Either our public library system is uncommonly hopeful or they just never noticed it was still missing.)

These earrings also weren’t the best choice for a gusty day. They’re super cool and meant I didn’t have to sit around wondering about the ethical nature of Target’s feather earrings, but they’re heavy and clanky and prone to hitting me in the face in even a moderate wind.

I look pretty sweet, though, right? Plus, a lady in the passenger-side seat of a truck called out to me while I was walking home from the library and asked me if she could take some pictures of my head because she wants a haircut like mine. So now I’m immortalized in some stranger’s smartphone somewhere. Righteous!

It just makes me wanna twiiiiiirl. (Man, I really need to work on relaxing my face and neck during action shots. You’re lookin’ a little tense there, girlfriend.)

Hooray for libraries and heavy earrings and fancy hairstyles! Oy.

7 of 30: I am Captain Planet

Seriously. Green, brown, blue. If I had some red accessories, I could totally be a walking elemental picture. I’m…not sure what that means. Or what I’m trying to convey with it. Anyway. This is another reeeeally simple outfit: 5(skirt), 27(shirt) and 30(wedges).

I stayed home from school today to receive a package from UPS from Braden, so that he would have the camera for the wedding and we wouldn’t have to try and pick it up or anything ridiculous like that. It made my day unproductive, other than finishing Bite Me and writing the review for it. I probably could have been more productive, but we are at a strange point in the project that makes it very difficult for me to get the things I’d like to get done, done.

But staying home meant not biking which meant to helmet which gave me the opportunity to go for faux-hawk! It’s now been up for like…10 hours and is holding up strong, so I’m pretty happy! I’m pretty convinced I’ll never ever wear my hair like this to school, unless I skip the commute. Which means not until winter, probably. Or rainy days? Rainy days…when I have an umbrella, I guess? Anyway. It gives me a bit of joy to see it all spikey.

I keep saying it over and over again because I really am amazed. I love this cut. I love how simultaneously femme  and bad ass it feels on me. I am so thankful that at this time in my life, it doesn’t matter whether or not I look professional by outward standards. Frankly, most interviews I’ll be getting in the next few years will be phone interviews and then it’ll be all, surprise! Blue hair! Or green! Or something! I’d love to get a job that allows me to still be myself. Because I don’t need to hide my me-ness to get respect as an educator, as tutoring has shown me time and again.

I mean, maybe it will be important. But right now I just keep hoping. And experimenting with jewelry again. More earrings from Claire’s! Which, I guess, in that both pairs are green, shows you just how long this obsession has been a’happening. Green is my color, yo.

I also got green hair dye in the mail today, so I’m set for whenever it is I do decide to re-do my hair next. It’ll probably be in the nearish future, since the need of showering at least once a day degrades color preeeetty quickly when you add gross biking sweat to further rip the colors out.

Outfit Post: 7/27/11 (6of30)

Top: Goodwill (Merona) — Skirt: From my friend Leah’s free pile — Shoes: Ross (Sag Harbor) — Scarf: Thrifted (no label) — Bracelet: ABC Store in Kona

My inspiration for this outfit is thanks to one Tia did a little while ago. I picked out this red top for my 30 for 30 thinking it would be a good solid-color staple, but I’ve actually had a rather difficult time styling it because it doesn’t really go with the rest of the color palette in my current mini-wardrobe. Then I remembered Tia’s red-and-periwinkle outfit and thought that maybe red and dusty purple might be a good combo. I liked them well enough put together, but without a little something extra it made for a pretty boring outfit, and it’s been too hot for belting. On a whim I snagged a long scarf that I’d thrifted months ago but not yet worn, and tried tying it around my head like I’ve seen Hannah and Frances Joy do recently. Et voila!

I folded the scarf so that the predominant colors that show on the top of my head would be black, yellow, and pinkish-red, which I think helped tie it together with the top and with my hair. I tried to arrange the tails so that some of the other gorgeous colors would show and ended up draping them over my right shoulder for most of the day. It was my pretend-ponytail, and I can safely say that I don’t miss having long hair a whit. I don’t mind it so much in scarf form, though! I got a lot of comments and compliments, and one of the girls who works in a different department in our building demanded to know where I got it (Superior Thrift, probably for $2-$3), so I guess it was a success.

A surprising wind kicked up while we were taking pictures, so of course I had to bust the scarf off my head and show off just how beautiful it is. I love this thing! It makes me think of my mom’s days living in Hawaii. I want to try and wear it more, and in more interesting ways, so that in the future its beauty doesn’t get neglected. In the end, though, if I can’t figure out a good way to style it consistently, maybe I’ll swap it with someone or get it framed. It’s too pretty to lurk in the dark.

Now quick, tell me if this is a sine wave or a cosine wave!

Read It: “Bite Me: A Love Story”

“Bite Me: A Love Story” by Christopher Moore is the third novel of three, that kicked off with”Bloodsucking Friends: A Love Story”, followed with “You Suck: A Love Story.” I’m a huge Christopher Moore fan. Between Braden and myself, we own every Christopher Moore book but Bloodsucking Fiends, including a copy of “Fool” that we got signed at a book signing and had a mini conversation with Moore that made me squee, although I don’t remember too much about that night in particular. Despite all of that love, I fully expected to loathe “Bite Me” and have to work to read it.

Why? Because I was under the impression from the teaser in “You Suck” that “Bite Me” would be narrated entirely by Abby Normal.

The thing about Moore is, he writes perky teenage goth too well, and that particular perky teenage goth is just too annoying for me to handle for 300 pages. Mercifully, the entire novel is not Abby-driven, with probably half of the book written in typical Moore narrative joy. You could pick up “Bite Me” without any past experience with the trilogy, because Abby sums up the past events neatly, but you’d be spoiling yourself for what’s in the older novels. While I understand that it’s been 3 years since “You Suck” was published and no one in the collection of folks reading this blog who will read this book, hasn’t, I still hesitate to actually talk too much about the plot of this book, because, frankly, you should start with Fiends.

‘Kayso(as Abby frequently writes), this was a three day read. The novel is hugely funny, which is really what Moore does well. Chet the huge cat is by far and away my favorite character in this installation of the series, followed quite closely by Okata, the elderly Japanese gentleman. (Maybe this says something more about who I don’t want to talk about than it does about Chet and Okata, I don’t know.)

I enjoyed the ending. It left a couple of openings, and given the incestuous nature of the Moore universe, I suspect we’ll be seeing at least a few characters reappear in his later works, because that’s just how he rolls. This one included cameos from both “A Dirty Job” and “Fluke”, though to be honest, I didn’t catch the one from Fluke until I was looking up the publication time line on Wikipedia.

On a personal note, I love when his books that take place in San Francisco. He writes about San Francisco so fondly, and with the native’s knowledge, it never fails to leave me nostalgic. Not that I’m a native San Franciscan by any stretch of the imagination, just that it makes me think of concerts at the American Music Hall and of seeing the Vermillion Lies pre-make-up that one time.

Outfit Post: 7/26/11 (5of30)

Top: Goodwill (Susina) — Cami: Gift (Active Basic) — Skirt: Gift (Final Touch) — Shoes: Ross (Sag Harbor) — Necklace: Fuzppa

Welp, I took a small handful of horribly blown-out pictures and then scuttled off to a coworker’s wickless-candle party, so this is what you get. That’s okay, though, because the necklace is easily the star of the outfit; I love it and definitely tend to build simple-ish outfits around it in order to best show it off. Yet another Etsy purchase, because I am weak. It’s so purdy, though! I love the asymmetry and colors, and the fact that Risakovska used two different weights of chain making it. It’s got some fun little details.

The skirt and cami are old wardrobe staples. You can see the lining peeking out from under the skirt’s shell, probably because I generally ignore all washing instructions and the subsequent tumbles in the dryer have distorted the elastic in it a bit. Oh well, I can always attempt to hem it.

The blouse is yet another Goodwill purchase that I love for its floatiness and general femininity.

Oh, and who’s got two thumbs and found a hideous pair of sunglasses her dad gave her?

That’s right, THIS GUY. Y’all know you’re jealous.

RE: the “candle” party: I was the only attendee under 30, and I pretty much ate half the cheese ball my coworker provided and failed to purchase anything. I did, however, make best friends with the cat and discover a built in tape deck/radio (!!!) under one of the cabinets in the kitchen. I will attend a function at anybody’s house so long as they don’t mind that I’m more interested in what’s on their refrigerator than whatever Tupperware some lady’s selling. You call it snooping; I call it reconnaissance.

I should also note that it was doubly surreal to sit around with a bunch of ladies sniffing little canisters of scented wax since I’m currently in the middle of reading Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, by Patrick Süskind, and kept thinking of this quote:

Her sweat smelled as fresh as the sea breeze, the tallow of her hair as sweet as nut oil, her genitals were as fragrant as the bouquet of water lilies, her skin as apricot blossoms. (pp. 43-44)

I’ll never look at water lilies the same way again.

(In other news, tonight is the premiere of the new season of Project Runway! Who’s watching?! Is it me? …is it only me?)