Outfit Post: 6/30/11

Blouse: old, possibly from Target? — Skirt: Gift (Deep Los Angeles) — Sandals: Goodwill (What’s What by Aerosole) — Rainbow scarf: flea market vendor in Empalme, Mexico — Necklace: vendor in Kona, Hawaii — Bracelet: Gift from Tia

I originally decided to wear this necklace on the 30th to celebrate the last day of Pride month, and tiredly built the outfit around it when I got up at 6:30am. I thought it was pretty fly at the time, but then I got to work, woke up a bit, and was concerned that I looked a little bit like a gay pride milkmaid. I got a couple of compliments on it during the day, though, so maybe the Gay Pride Milkmaid look is in right now.

An interesting fact: Empalme, the city where I got this scarf, is the sister city of the town I live in now. It’s about 9 kilometers from Guaymas, the port city in Mexico where my dad lives. I got the scarf a couple of years ago when visiting him for Christmas. (In case you haven’t noticed from this outfit, I’m kind of a sucker for rainbows.)

Please ignore my alarming toes. I was just excited about the little sprout coming out of the ground. Also, I have been wearing these sandals so much this summer that I am getting a crazy crisscrossed sandal tan on my feet. Are sandal tans better or worse than swimsuit tans?

After work, I ended up wearing this outfit out to dinner at a crepe restaurant with Mike. Great idea or greatest idea? They were celebrating their one-year anniversary, so Mike got the special: pulled pork in a cornmeal crepe. I got smoked salmon and scrambled egg in a buckwheat crepe, dressed with chives, capers, and sour cream. Did I mention that food is the greatest?

In other news, Tia and I will be taking tomorrow off to enjoy the holiday! See y’all on Tuesday and have a happy extended weekend! (Or a normal ol’ July 4th if you don’t get that off. In which case, happy normal ol’ July 4th!)


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 6/30/11

  1. Your rainbow love delights me, and I appreciate the Gay Pride Milkmaid look far more than anyone has ever known before this very moment.

    Also, what. Pulled pork and corn meal crepes? Zuhmazing.

    • Hahaha, I can sleep more easily at night knowing you’re on board with the Gay Pride Milkmaid thing.

      It was soooo gooood. We need to go when you come ’round in the winter. If, you know, we can make that work.

      • I suppose it all depends on how much of Braden and my winter break’s line up, how long we’ll be in CA. Well…and how long we can afford care for Molly. Even if we could take the whole month back home, I’d hella miss Molly too much to do it. ^^;

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