Outfit Post: 8/29/11

This outfit made me really happy. Something about taking what should be really formal(black top, black bottom, black oxfords) and making it infinitely more playful by layering a men’s white shirt on top and belting it just worked well for me.

I should point out that I’ve had this rainbow belt forEVER. I don’t often wear it, because it’s a bit ridiculous, but when everything else is straight up black and white, I think it looks just fine. I decided to bring out the other colors in the belt in my other accessories though, between the blue earrings, the green bracelet and the pink in my socks.

As opposed to the last time I did the argyle/oxford combo, here I’ve pulled the socks up as far as they go to illustrate just how ridiculous they are as “one size fits all” knee socks. That’s a pretty substantial area between my knee and the top of my sock. W’ev target. You’ve still got cute socks.

See! Little tiny pink threads all up in that arygle to bring the pink from the belt on down.

Spinny skirt. Sorry, I normally talk so much more about outfits, but I’m feeling ill as I write this, and thus, writing very little.

I love how these earrings look like they’re glowing, even when I feel super sick. >_>


Outfit Post: 8/29/11 (30of30)

Shirt: Goodwill (Heritage 1981) — Skirt: Goodwill (New York & Company) — Shoes: Goodwill (What’s What by Aerosole) — Scarf: Thrifted — Bracelet: ABC Store in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii — Earring [worn as brooch]: Gift (Modcloth)

Duh-duh-nuh-NUH! The final post of my 30 for 30! And I’m dressed like a hipster again! It seems that I’m drawn to wearing scarves with this boat-neck striped shirt, although in my defense, this time I wore a scarf so that I could hide the straps from my racerback bra. Yeah, the straps you can see peeking out in this picture. I’m hoping it hid them well enough at work, anyway. The problem is, I have narrow, sloping shoulders and regular bra straps just tend to wilt and slide down my arms at the least provocation, causing much grumping and adjusting as the day goes by. With racerback bras, the problem is vanquished! Although I spent most of the day grumping and adjusting the scarf so the straps wouldn’t show, so maybe that wasn’t the most effective plan. Looks kinda cute, though.

For my final 30 for 30, I ventured to a whole different area of the backyard, taking pictures against the wall of yet another neighbor’s shed/meth lab/slave labor hut. As you can tell, I was really into that big crack up the side. Instant drama! In this picture I was attempting to lean casually against the wall, but to me the final product more reads like a casual, “Yeah, this is how tall I would be if you chopped off my head.”

Tiny brooch or tiniest brooch? I had some trouble keeping the scarf arranged just-so without the help of some safety pins, and I also brought in this earring to help do the job while simultaneously jazzing things up. It’s one of a pair of earrings (I think they were supposed to be either Allosaurus or Utahraptor? though this guy just kind of looks like a flipped T-Rex from the 5th panel of Dinosaur Comics) that Jessica gave me for either my birthday or Christmas last year. Sometime in January or February, its mate went missing thanks to a hole in my purse, and sadly, they no longer appear to be available on Modcloth where she got them, so I can’t even get a replacement. Sad! But at least I can trot him out as a little pin from time to time.

Welp, this 30 for 30 has been a blast, cats and kittens. Can’t say I’m too sad to go back to my full wardrobe, though. It may take me a couple days to put together a proper retrospective since I’ve got some ish to do, but I’ll see you on the flipside! Over and out, toodle pip.

Training, Exercising, Working Out

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and have nearly taken pictures of myself in my workout garb, but each time decided to be on time rather than take the time to take the pictures. Sadly, that means this post will be unaccompanied by photographs.

On the first day of school, I started a Couch to 5K training program through an Android app. I’ve been cautious in how I’ve discussed this with my work colleagues and family, because some of those people have an issue with my weight.

Please notice that I didn’t say that I have an issue with my weight. For the most part, that particular number doesn’t affect my identity, other than causing me to identify as fat. They have an issue with someone being fat and happy. That issue tends to be cushioned as concern for my health, and I feel that most fat individuals have to contend with that.

So I’ve been using the word training to describe what I do at the gym, instead of working out or exercising. Those last two have such strong connotations of being on a weight loss plan to me that I tend to balk at them. Me? Lose weight? Why? To get healthy, some might say, but weight is not a sufficient indicator of health. As someone who was certainly not healthy at her lowest weight, I raise my fist at those that suggest that weight-loss for the sake of weight-loss is a healthy choice for each and every individual. For me, it was about controlling the one thing I still felt I could control.

I am training my body to be able to run 5000 meters because every time I’ve pushed my body beyond its limits, I’ve learned something more about myself. I’ve become stronger, better, and clearer of mind. After I hiked 50 miles in 33 hours, I knew that my body was an amazing thing. When I crested Half Dome in the dark, I knew I could count on those around me to see my strength when I didn’t. I am excited to find out what running 5km in one go will do to my understanding of myself.

Sorry for the immense text-flow: I hope I’ve made my own feelings clear! I’m excited to hear about your adventures too!

Outfit Post: 7/14/11 (29of30)

Top: Goodwill (H&M) — Cami: Gift (Active Basic) — Skirt: Gift (Mine) — Shoes: Swap (Jenn Yaw) — Scarf: From my friend Leah’s free pile (no label)

More pictures from a million years ago last month. I finally wrested these from Mike’s cold dead hands so that I would have something to show y’all today.

This outfit was built on Tia’s well-worn principle that blue and brown does, indeed, make the world go ’round. In fact, I’m pretty convinced that the chocolate brown of my beloved H&M top goes with just about anything, but it goes particularly well with this skinny blue scarf that I rescued valiantly from Leah’s free pile. I really should add a “Leah’s Free Pile” tag to the tag cloud, but then I would end up tagging just about every post that way. Leah gets rid of a lot of great stuff!

Oh, these shoes. You had so much potential, shoes, when I got you from the clothing swap in June! I thought you would make a great addition to my 30 for 30 items. Then you started doing your best Talking Stove impression.

Thus, the shoes were unceremoniously chucked. Not even the liberal application of superglue could hold those babies together. A good rule for 30 for 30: choose shoes you’ve worn before.

Otherwise you’ll end up wanting to strangle yourself.

Well, maybe not. But you know what I mean.

Outfit Post: 8/27/11

I went to a geek-costume-themed housewarming party today. So this outfit? This outfit is crazy. I look like a cartoon. And I love it. I did a Ramona Flowers-esque costume, based on the first picture on the wiki page. I first tried this with a hoodie under the jacket, but nearly died, so switched to a tank top for comfort. Maybe in winter that would be feasible.

This turned out to be a great costume for a chill party, because most of the time, I was super comfy. Even with the double belts wandering as they were want to do, I was able to move pretty easily. The only pain was the headphones, because they have a leather strap around the headband part that resulted in a sweaty neck, so I spent a good chunk of the party with them off to the side.

I feel like it’s obvious when Braden does the shooting. I get more reserved in my poses, a lot of the time, and end up doing a lot of forward facing poses with very little variation because he purposefully embarrasses me sometimes. He can be such a brat like that, but still. These pictures turned out awesome, and it was fun to shoot near sunset with the awesome light.

I like this use of these shorts way better than the last one, by the way. As an accent above opaque tights? Not so bad. They’re a bit tight, and that’s a bit obvious at the line where the shorts meet my thighs, but I felt like a complete bad ass anyway.

Over-processed picture of the day! I am totally a cartoon.


Outfit Post: 8/28/11 (28of30)

Cami: Gift (Active Basic) — Tank top: Gift (Cotton Phase) — Skirt: Goodwill (Banana Republic) — Shoes: Birkenstock — Necklace: Vendor in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

My 28th outfit on the 28th! What a coinkidink. I didn’t take any outfit pictures on Saturday because I didn’t really get dressed; instead, I spent the day in semi-pajamas and did lots of cleaning and unpacking while listening to most of the first season of Home Movies on the iPad that Mike has on loan from work. That show really made it less physically and emotionally painful to do things like lean 75% of my body into the deep freeze to clean the mold out of it with vinegar. “Brendan was suffering from a severe bout of mentally challenged…stuff.” Hee.

Anyway! More cleaning/errand running today, although for most of the day I’ve been feeling much less motivated, which may explain why I’m here, writing this post, instead of doing infinity more dishes. I regret that making dinner last night took three pots. Mike has spent basically the entire weekend at work on mandatory overtime as the students return to campus, so I’ve been trying to be productive on my own instead of just sitting around reading while eating an entire tube of IKEA salmon spread on crackers. At least I got most of my books put away.

I mostly threw this outfit together so that I could leave the house when I started going stir-crazy, although leaving the house more or less amounted to two wasted hours because I left my wallet at home. I’m a grown-up, everybody!

I love my rainbow necklace, but it is slowly and interminably driving me mad that there’s a blue rock in the orange segment to the right of the picture. Do you see it? It taunts me.

I tried taking some jumping pictures, but they all turned out terribly and I just gave myself a headache.

This isn’t related, it’s just Flat Tire sleeping weirdly. Look at that! She cracks me up. I promise I’ll do my best not to become an all-cats-all-the-time blogger. It’s just that she’s the first cat I’ve ever had and is thus full of surprises every day. I’m mostly just appreciative now that she doesn’t think my eyelashes are a toy anymore.

Outfit Post: 8/26/11

Guess who finally got to dye her hair today? THIS GIRL. MY HAIR IS GREEN! For the first time EVER! (Not counting chlorine from swimming entire summers away in Tracy as a child.) I am so deliriously happy with this hair color!

I mean, look at this shit! It is the color of grass! When it is wet, it sort of looks like grass! I am delighted. This is Special FX Iguana Green, for those who desire to replicate it. I bleached my hair first to make the surface more porous, rinsed, then dyed it. It was about a 2 hour process, between washing and waiting.

So now that I’m “done” fawning over the hair color, let’s talk about the outfit. The top is actually a dress that is much too short for dancing in, topped with this skirt again. (I never really get tired of this skirt, to be honest with you). Even though there’s no green in the outfit, I went for green accessories all the way just for fun. I even decided to bypass wearing cute shoes for chucks in an effort to be uniform in my awesomeness. I definitely need to get some green flats some time soon, but they are surprisingly difficult to find.

And I know I’ve mentioned this previously, but skirts with pockets are kind of the very best thing in the world. They make any skirt like five times more practical.

All of the sudden, I ran out of steam now that I’m not gushing about my hair. But look, it’s so pretty. My favorite part is where I sorta blended the blue and the green a little bit. You can’t really see that thought. Still, happy with the results for sure!

Almost time to go dancing, hurrah!


Outfit Post: 8/25/11 (27of30)

Top: Goodwill (Merona) — Skirt: Gift (Final Touch) — Shoes: Ross (Sag Harbor) — Earrings: World Market — Bracelet: Old

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been feeling the itch to travel lately. Maybe it’s partially inspired by the fact that some awesome bloggers like Clare and JG have recently returned from their own amazing-looking international jaunts. Maybe it’s because the town I live in isn’t particularly exciting, and I want an adventure. Maybe I just want delicious foreign food.

I know I’m lucky to have gotten to travel when I have and that it’s not an option for a lot of people. My last trip out of state was to Hawaii in May for Jessica’s memorial and the interring of her ashes in the ocean, and I likely won’t get to travel again until after Christmas, when Mike and I are tentatively planning on trekking down to visit my dad where he lives in Mexico. But I can dream about future trips, and maybe save a little for a someday-maybe trip to Iceland or Japan.

Maybe that’s why I bought these earrings, as a cheap little way to feel exotic. (What happened to saving money…?) They’re big and jangly and cheered me up. I’ve been in a weird funk lately, and I can’t decide if there’s something I can do about it or if I should just chalk it up to brain chemistry.

But I can at least try to fake it until I feel good again!

I obviously don’t have a lot to say about this outfit (it’s simple but I like it, I let the earrings dominate), so here are some pictures of weird stuff I saw during a trip I took with my mom to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the spring of 2010:

The cab of a garbage truck in the Rhine region of Germany, painted with characters from Star Trek: Voyager. Photo taken from a train.

A close-up on an advertisement for a circus, found at a bus stop on Insel Mainau, Germany.

A plaster depiction of a spit roast with a sheep’s head attached outside a döner kebap shop in Konstanz, Germany.

A small boy dressed as Darth Vader (complete with light saber), with his family at Chillon Castle in Veytaux, Switzerland.

Outfit Post: 8/24/11

I was totally inspired by Mia’s socks and flats combos from the last few days and decided I would try and join her. So I started with my sassy black oxfords, and from there grabbed my purple argyle socks, and then tried to find a purple shirt that coordinated. And then I thought, hey! I haven’t gotten to wear my sexy pencil skirt in over a month! Tada!

I love argyle socks. These are from Target…which is problematic. They are advertised as knee socks. Which is hilarious to me. If I pull them much higher than they are in this picture, I start to lose blood flow to my feet. The elastic is just too tight for someone with ginormous calves. I still buy them because even as mid-calf socks, they’re pretty cute.

I really like how closely the purples match each other. Big surprise, from matchy mcmatcherson incarnate, but seriously. I feel so safe wearing outfits assembled like this, even if it’s a bit odd to me to wear long socks in such a way that people can see the socks. Often, I wait until fall proper to bust out my longer socks, hiding my brightly colored and patterned foot attire.

Despite the fact that I’m a total sock addict, most people have no idea. I’m pretty sure this stems from some random piece of fashion shaming I received as a child. As a child I had a very hard time understanding how to put things together and why things could be considered ok sometimes, and not others. The result for me is a very real fear that breaking some of the hard formed rules in my head will result in people mocking me behind my back for my fashion choices.

I’m not sure if anyone else feels like that. It’s one of the major reasons I enjoyed the 30 for 30 challenge, because it forced me to push against those internal rules. Do you have internal fashion rules that you operate under? When presented with people breaking your rules and looking fabulous, how do you respond?