Loads of Links 8/2/11

image from sttngfashion.tumblr.com (that’s right, Worf, you go ahead and check your bad self out)

– Mike is a known Jean-Luc Picard devotee, and I’m only just getting into the clusterballs that is the Star Trek franchise, but Fashion It So simultaneously makes me repress snorts of laughter and cultivates a desire in me to watch more Star Trek RIGHT NOW and admire Wesley Crusher’s ugly, ugly sweaters. (And Deanna Troi’s occasional tiny, tiny dresses. THAT IS NOT WORK-APPROPRIATE, COUNSELOR.)

– If you want to laugh in horror at your computer screen, go to Cosmopolitan’s Virtual Hairstyles and Makeover and play around a little. I haven’t used my own face yet, but when I do, I promise you will see some of the extremely alarming results.

– I have a lot of anxiety issues that sometimes prey upon my ability to properly assess my likelihood of accomplishing even basic tasks; when it gets particularly bad, I go look at this entry in Eric Colossal’s webcomic Kafka’s Koffee to regain perspective. It has a very powerful message about self-doubt, whether it’s body-related or not.

– Here’s another good reminder for those of us who have body image issues in relation to sizing and mass-produced clothing.

– While I subscribe to a good deal of personal style blogs that I can relate to in terms of aesthetic and scope, I also enjoy looking at personal style blogs that veer wildly from my own path: enter Esme and the Laneway. Look at that hair! I love her impeccable style and retro aesthetic.

– Speaking of blogs that diverge from my style path, I’ve admired Kasmira at What I Wore Today for basically forever; she’s the queen of pattern mixing! I’m still embarrassingly timid when it comes to that, but I like to admire her abilities and pick up tips from outfits like this one. Tiny coffee beans! And I can see how the dark brown ties the mix together and makes it look classy and intentional rather than oh, I didn’t realize you were legally blind.

– Maybe it’s the impending move, but I’ve had the DIY bug lately. Not so much for home furnishings, but my fingers are itching to make and embellish clothes and accessories, like button tees, ruffle skirts, dresses-turned-skirts, and basically everything that Academichic has collected in this post. (Except maybe the maternity stuff. Also, wah to Academichic shutting their doors! Just when I found out how fabulous they all are. It looks like they’ve had a good road, though, and I’m exceptionally grateful for the archives they leave behind. I will be referencing their color wheel posts, oh, every day or so. Oh, the analogous color pairings!)

– Book-related trivia: there is an exceptionally narrow house being planned in Warsaw, Poland. When complete, it will serve as a writing space for one of my favorite writers, Israeli short-story author Etgar Keret. Another good reason to plan a visit to Poland?

– Apropos of nothing: an interview with Jonathan Coulton and John Flansburgh. Mostly it just cracked me up. They Might Be Giant’s “Dial-A-Song” was one of the first three albums I bought for myself when I was a teenager (the other two were Gorillaz’ eponymous album and “Dookie” by Green Day; make of that what you will) and I’m an unabashed fan of Jonathan Coulton’s work as well, and I love that these two dudes are working together.


3 thoughts on “Loads of Links 8/2/11

  1. First off, in my book you get instant cool points for featuring Worf (or any Star Trek TNG peeps). And Fashion It So is making me giggle in my cubicle!

    And I lvoe the Morning Routine comic. Squish self-doubt, yo!

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