14 of 30: City Scapes


So Braden got his rental equipment two days before we left for Austin, giving him a day to play with the new equipment before we left. A couple of friends met up with us, but I’m going to be that kid and just show the pictures of my bad ass self. I really dig this outfit: I used the belt(10) to shorten the dress(26) to a tunic length over the jeans(18), and I’m really happy with the outcome. Especially with the flats(8) and headband to tie the black accessory theme up nice and neat.

One of the great things about shooting in the city is the silly things that happen. While we were hanging out on this bridge, there was a red light, so I jammed to the thumping hip-hop blaring from the 16 year old’s in their parents’ SUV. This is my “damn, son” face, obviously.

Don’t ask me why I wanted a picture with the signs, but I did. It made me happy in the part of my soul that is a dweeb.

There’s something about taking pictures with Braden that makes me feel so much more comfortable looking down the lens at the camera. Knowing that I’m looking at him, maybe, instead of future blog readers, I suppose. We don’t normally get a lot of time to do things like outfit pictures, so it feels special, and it makes me happy.

I’m super tempted to get all mushy on y’all. Suffice to say, I’m just happy to be in the right place. I can’t fathom someone better suited to me who actually would exist. We’ve got a pretty groovy shared life, that’s about to get better as Braden quits his 9-to-5 job to go back to school for photography in two weeks. I don’t think he really needs a college degree to do it, but the connections one makes in college are super useful for an artist.


2 thoughts on “14 of 30: City Scapes

  1. Mia says:

    The great thing is, I can imagine the rest of the “damn, son” face dance. Tia is dancing in my braiiiiin!

    Um. Anyway. How did shortening the dress work? Did it stay put or did you have to futz with it a lot? This looks awesome and I have a dress or two I’d like to try this with, but it seems like the folding/bunching would be super obvious and things wouldn’t stay where they’re supposed to for more than twenty seconds.

    • It worked really well, actually. This dress has a seam at my natural waist normally, and most of the bunching occurred right under my boobs(it’s pretty obvious in the damn son picture). This fabric is pretty thin and sort of clings to itself too, which helped. It did mean that by the end of the day, that band that had had four layers of fabric all bound in place by the belt was sweaty and kind of gross feeling, but I was so proud of this outfit that I dealt with the sweatiness.

      I think also, a thicker belt could help disguise the folding. I definitely want to try this with my monster 2-inch wide belt some time and see how well the folding can be disguised.

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