Outfit Post: 8/4/11 (12of30)

Polo shirt: Old Navy — Skirt: Goodwill (New York & Company) — Shoes: Ross (Sag Harbor) — Belt: Ross [from a pair of pants] — Necklace: Self-assembled — Earrings: Target?

If I look smug in these pictures, it’s because I’m happy with how this outfit turned out. I dressed both for my anticipated evaluation at work (which didn’t end up happening) and for Pages & Squires, the book club I go to in Berkeley. I wore my turquoise-teal-peacock-blue-green skirt because that nebulous color always makes me think of my awesome friend Jessica, who originally invited me to join this book club that she and her friends were starting. But then she wasn’t able to make it at the last minute, and I didn’t have time to stop by her place afterwards. Next time, Jessica, I will pay tribute to you in person!

I knew I wanted to do orange and blue-green, and fiddle-farted around with belts for a while before ending up with this. I feel so much more put-together when tucking in shirts if I can put a belt on to mask the line where the skirt overlaps the shirt. On my body, I feel like beltless shirt-tucked-into-skirt outfits have such an uneasy relationship, and then the belt marries things together into a blissful, cohesive union. (Not sure what’s up with the wedding metaphors; I’ve been reading a lot of Offbeat Bride today, I guess.)

On the downside, wearing a belt on top of everything guarantees I will be messing with the damn thing all day long, pulling things up and down and tucking and adjusting and I never get anything else done. But it looks good for the five pictures I take! I always have to remind myself that other fashion bloggers, even the most fabulous ones, probably have to put up with Wandering Belt Syndrome too (and Gracey has totally proven me correct–thank you, Gracey!). Normally I wouldn’t be happy about how low the belt had to sit on my torso to make things work, since this doesn’t really do any work to shorten my long torso or lengthen my legs, but hey, I’m not going to argue with the photographic results.

The necklace I ended up with was the result of a last-minute costume change in the car on the way to work (thankfully, Mike was driving). This little enameled, jointed koi fish keychain used to live in my other friend Jessica’s car (the Jessica who is no longer with us, not the Jessica who couldn’t make it to book club). I’m pretty sure she even named him, although I couldn’t tell you what the name was. Somehow the fish ended up in Mike’s car after Jessica passed away. The morning of this outfit, I had put on a necklace I’d swiped from Leah’s nigh-infamous free pile at game night, which consists of a very long chain and a silver heart. On the drive, I had a glimmer of an idea, so I pulled the heart off the chain, removed the fish from his larger keyring, and joined koi with chain to make a pretty necklace. I have to admit it made me tear up a little once or twice during the day, thinking about Jessica and thanks to PMS, but I think I’ll keep wearing him.

Speaking of jewelry! These earrings are slightly less meaningful but still momentous in that they were the first pair of earrings I ever purchased. Not only that, but I bought them three or four years before I ever got my ears pierced. I’m fairly certain I was at Target, shopping with my mom sometime between the ages of 11 and 13, when I saw these and knew that I must have them even though my ears weren’t pierced yet. Somehow I held onto them over the years, and I’m still quite fond of the colors and drape. Good taste, pubescent Mia! Do y’all remember the first pair of earrings you ever bought for yourself?

What happened to my face?! OH GOD, I’M HIDEOUS. Okay, okay, no, this is just what I made for dinner to take to book club, continuing my long-standing tradition of unphotogenic meals. But I promise this isn’t old rubber bands rolled in toddler puke as it appears to be; rather, it happens to be green tea soba noodles in spicy peanut sauce with grated carrot and cucumber for some vegetative matter. I command you: make the spicy peanut sauce. Michelle at Thursday Night Smackdown knows what she’s talking about. It only takes a handful of ingredients, and is like 90% stirring shit together in a warm pot, which is my favorite kind of cooking when I don’t want to stand around for three hours lovingly hand-crafting individual meatballs. I’ve put this sauce on Chinese egg noodles, spaghetti, whatever. Usually I include bell pepper but this time I forgot. Throw some spinach, cabbage, and tofu or chicken in and it’s a pretty good approximation of pra ram long song, which is one of my favorite Thai dishes. Okay, that’s a lie, basically every Thai dish is my favorite Thai dish. I can’t help it; a person becomes partial after her mom works in a Thai restaurant for nine years.

Anyway, shut up my face, shut up your face, and make the peanut sauce. Unless you’re allergic to peanuts, in which case, I’m sorry. Go make meatballs instead?

7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 8/4/11 (12of30)

  1. What. The. Fuck. Mia. Why are we that synced up? I had a really bizarre Jessica moment two days ago as well. Though mine was not triggered by a thing. I think this is a great use of that koi though. ❤

    On an outfit related note, I just love the orange and teal combo. It feels like a kindred spirit to my brown and blue obsession, honestly. And that belt is friggin amazing.

    I'm pretty sure that is literally the least photogenic food I have ever seen in my life. But I trust you. It was probably delicious.

    • Mia says:

      Of COURSE we’re that synced up. It would figure.

      I love the belt! It so surprised me because it came with these stretchy are-they-pants-or-are-they-leggings…things that I bought from Ross, and was just like, oh, included belt, but then I pulled it out to try with a skirt and was like, hey, this belt is kind of way better than the pants! Go figure! I love the goofy lace covering.

      Hahaha, I’m realllly good at doing ugly food. At least most of the time it tastes good! Remember the monster cake? Oh god, that thing…

  2. I have such a hard time with belts closer to my hips that I hardly ever buy skirts that don’t sit at the waist. They never stay, especially the elastic ones.

    I like your fish necklace and there’s such a nice story behind it 🙂

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