Loads of Links 8/16/11

via Hartsfabric.com

I took outfit pictures yesterday at our new home, and I gotta say: having a backyard, even a shared backyard, is pretty swank for being able to photograph yourself being ridiculous. Now if only I could find the camera cord…

– I’m still feeling the DIY bug, even though I don’t even know where my sewing machine is at the moment: I’m longing to make some simple skirts in any of these fabrics. Especially some of the gorgeous florals like this or this. Who the crap knew I was so big on florals? (Fun fact: I’ve been to Hart’s Fabric! What with living in Santa Cruz at one point and all. But apparently I was foolish enough to not walk out of there with ALL THE BOLTS. Definitely need to stop by again next time Mike gets a craving to drive two hours for brunch at Zachary’s.)

– And then maybe once I’ve made my skirt I will add lace and other fancy things to the bottom?

– Being realistic with myself, I have to admit that I will probably never make sparkly dream shoes, but the effect is pretty stunning.

My Parents Were Awesome is a fun Tumblr (Fumblr?) dedicated to submissions of people’s parents when they were younger and, supposedly, awesome. I have to qualify that I think my parents are still awesome, but it’s a cute idea. Some of the retro clothes are amazing and hilarious. Look at the boob ruffle on this cute bikini!

– Mike claims that if we were able to find this t-shirt anywhere in real life, he would wear it. I’m inclined to believe him. (I will tall! I AM GIRAFFE.)

– I dearly adore comicker Erika Moen’s now-ended diary series, DAR–poop and fart jokes are near and dear to my heart. So I was excited to find out she’s trying out dressing like a fancy (fancier) lady! She hasn’t updated for a bit but her previous looks are so fun. I especially like Feb 9th’s outfit, with the red and the black and the polka dots. I hope she keeps with it!

– Remember that if you’re a sexist jerk, you will eventually pay for it WITH YOUR VERY LIFE. (We all pay for it with our very lives, though, which sorta takes the wind out of my sail.)

Fun with orthography courtesy of Overthinking It! I hope Thursday Grammar stays the course. (If you scroll down to the comments, you see I got to be gleefully pedantic and point out a typo. Matthew Wrather bows to my superior copyediting! This means that Viz will give me a job now, yes? Or maybe Del Rey?)

– I was sort of buying what this NYTimes opinion piece is selling until this paragraph (emphasis mine):

When we criticize students for making digital videos instead of reading “Gravity’s Rainbow,” or squabbling on Politico.com instead of watching “The Candidate,” we are blinding ourselves to the world as it is. And then we’re punishing students for our blindness. Those hallowed artifacts — the Thomas Pynchon novel and the Michael Ritchie film — had a place in earlier social environments. While they may one day resurface as relevant, they are now chiefly of interest to cultural historians. But digital video and Web politics are intellectually robust and stimulating, profitable and even pleasurable.

Uhh. Whatcha sayin’, Virginia Heffernan? I think you just said that books (okay, and movies) that are not even a little old in the grand scheme of things are no longer culturally relevant? My brows furrow in your direction. There is always cultural relevance to be drawn from books, whether they’re great, okay, or terrible, so long as you think about what you’re reading, how it relates to the climate of its times versus the climate of ours, and maybe even discuss it. The hell, you say that great books aren’t relevant for students anymore, rassinfrassin mumblegrumble. (I’m not even just defending Gravity’s Rainbow here. I’ve never read it, much to my brother’s chagrin. I understand that there are certain books that are school standards and that maybe the standards need to be updated a bit to include contemporary works alongside The Grapes of Wrath, but there is always cultural value to be taken away from books that get you thinking. Always.)

This Cheap Thrills post got me thinking, too. I’m not sure I’ve ever considered personal style blogs in the form of “I hate bloggers who ____.” Sure, I enjoy blogs that are more aligned with my personal preferences and shopping habits, but for the bloggers who can afford expensive designer garments–I certainly don’t feel annoyed at them or anything, and those blogs are often a fun sort of fantasy read. Consumerism is an important subject to consider, certainly, especially when talking about clothing, but whether you buy all-new or all-used clothes, or make your own, I like all the differing perspectives in the style blogging world. I love bloggers whose personalities shine through in their posts and who you feel like you get to know. That’s my excuse for blathering on about whatever-the-hell in most of my outfit posts.

There’s a comment on that post that says “it’s meant to be a fashion blog not a diary [sic],” which, if she’s talking about her own blog, good and fine for her, but if she’s setting down rules for all blogs, hey: my fashion blog can be anything I want it to be! And if I want to ramble about what I had for dinner, or what I’ve been reading, or whatever comes to mind while I’m posting, you bet I’m gonna do it. I can ramble like a champion and nobody’s gonna take that away.

– Speaking of [sic], it’s not like I need any more t-shirts ever, but I do kind of want this one.


2 thoughts on “Loads of Links 8/16/11

  1. Oh man. This is such an awesome collection of linkables.

    Books will always be relevant as long as they have things in them that make me ponder. I think you’ve said a very true thing there dear.


    Also, Mike definitely needs engrish giraffe shirts. And while gay-Jason-from-stomp was here this weekend, he was wearing one of the giraffe shirts Mike has. It made me laugh.

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