Outfit Post: 10/6/11

So I’m wearing this as I’m typing this and I’m going to post when I’m done. Boy do I miss having a backlog of outfits to pull from. Maybe I’ll do an album review or book review some time this weekend for the inevitable day-that-I-can’t-take-pictures. O_o Also, finally showing y’all my huffy!

I bought my bike at the working bike co-op here in Chicago last summer for $60. She isn’t the fastest or the prettiest or the most well taken care of bicycle, but she get’s my three miles to campus and back every day, despite all my complaining. And when the day comes that I have a grand to replace her, I will, joyously, but I have no doubt I’ll keep her for winter, when nice bikes get hidden away so as to avoid rust.

Just FYI: I love my helmet. I’ve been wanting to paint it since I purchased it, but always shy away, for some reason or another. I’ve also swapped out bags: this is my top access messenger bag. It works pretty well, though it slides to my side sometimes.

Today was better. I know I’ve been down a lot lately, and even though I took the midterm and it blew so hard, I feel like things are getting better. Not sure from whence this optimism came, but I’m holding onto it. Besides, I have a phone chat with a lady who works at a San Matteo Educational Game company regarding a summer internship tomorrow, so I’m pretty excited about that!

I really do love this skirt. It’s brightness just put a bounce in my step. :3




10 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/6/11

    • It is definitely a well-priced vehicle, if nothing else! Though I still lust over prettier bikes. Braden keeps teasing me that when I’m getting paid like a real adult, I’m going to be the person who collects vintage and dutch bikes and spends my Saturdays polishing them to a shine, like they are cars. That is silly, because I’m going to ride all of my bikes, obviously.

  1. Mia says:

    πŸ˜€ I’m so glad you’ve been wearing it. Especially with THOSE TIGHTS OH MY GOD. Those are effin’ killer.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better–you’re the coolest, so you should! I would be jazzed if you came back to CA, even for the summer…I wonder what San Mateo’s like.

    • You do totally rock the thrifted piecesgame m’dear. :3

      So apparently I’m a dupe, because this internship is in Chicago, not San Matteo. Oops. Way to pay attention Tia.

  2. I love this ensemble woman! My favorite is how those fabulous socks (tights?) add a lovely pattern and tie everything together. Glad to hear your optimism is returning… you rock!

    • These are actually the one pair of target tights that haven’t let me down in an epicly disappointing way. XD I was so convinced they weren’t going to work because the green is more minty than lime, so it’s super nice to here you say they tie things together! ❀

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