Outfit Post: 10/4/11 (Use It or Lose It Day 2)

Top: Goodwill (Heart & Soul) — Pants: Thrifted (Necessary Objects) — Shoes: Goodwill (Strictly Comfort) — Bracelet: Hand-me-down

I’ve been waiting to wear this sweatervest/shirt combo ever since I thrifted it, no lie.

Look at those zig-zaggy stripes! It reminds me so much of Harry Solomon, possibly my favorite character on Third Rock from the Sun (he may be tied with Nina):

via theskrilla.com

Between Harry and Tristan Farnon from All Creatures Great and Small, my heart is full of love for weird sweatervests.

I felt a bit 70s in this getup, between the colors of the top and the wide-legged brown pants. I went pretty simple in terms of jewelry so as not to make it too costume-y, especially since all the jewelry I originally wanted to wear actually is from the 70s, courtesy of Mom and all the friends she had in her 20s who liked to give her macrame necklaces.

This gold bangle is one of my go-to pieces of jewelry, because it’s so simple and classy and goes with just about everything. I did my best to get a clear close-up shot of it in order to show off the neat ridging all around the outside–it gives it a really nice texture and keeps it from being crazy shiny. Like I said, classy!

I know I have a whole month to wear my Use It or Lose It items, but I knew that I’d need heels for these pants and opted for one of my chopping-block pairs, the slightly-too-large Strictly Comfort heels with memory foam in the soles. I was concerned that my heels would be slipping out all day, but surprisingly, even with a thin sock in place they tend to stay put. I was even able to comfortably ride my bike in them, with the heels sort of locked over the edge of the pedal. I bet a slightly thicker sock or a pair of thin socks over tights would make them about the perfect fit, and they’re comfortable enough that I was able to wear a different pair of heels the next day, which my feet usually aren’t up to doing. They’re such a turnaround in terms of comfort compared to my first UIoLI pair that I’m happy to keep them in the closet and dream up other fun ways to style them.

Day Two: USE IT

11 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/4/11 (Use It or Lose It Day 2)

  1. OH MAN. You are a 70s dream m’dear, and I did it so very much. Especially that sweater vest. Are the shirt and sweater vest separate? Because they look so well matched!

    I’m super glad the shoes work! You could also just add a thin insole if you don’t want to always wear them with thick socks. :3

    Also, why is it that if my weather is appropriately Fall weather, y’all have redonkulus heat, but now that you’ve got cooler weather, it’s all toasty up in here? Do not get.

  2. Yeah! I love it! It’s got a distinctly ’70s/Missoni vibe. I remember having those two-in-one sweater/shirt combos…convenient AND stylish! I love the colors in this outfit.

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