Outfit Post: 10/7/11

Braden was home when I got home today and ended up helping me get some pictures in while the sun was setting. It was, as you might guess from the sudden appearance of a tank top, a surprisingly warm day. In fact, it was in the eighties, after weeks in the sixties.

So it seems like I got my internship locations mixed up. The folks that called me back today were actually in Chicago. It rather sounds like I’m sort of a shoe-in for an internship, if I remember to contact them again in April. I’m definitely excited and relieved, though I’m not sure what sort of internship this is. Honestly, if it’s unpaid, I probably won’t take it because, well, money.

They also posted the solution guide to the midterm today. I’m pretty sure I got 100% on one question at least, and a reasonably high score on the second of the three questions. The last one…not so great, but I might do ok enough. No idea if the professor curves, but I have a bit more hope now.

So today? I’d say it was pretty good. I’ve suddenly ended up enthralled by the BBC Sherlock series. Martin Freeman  is one of of those actors that sits squarely in the realm of “could act in anything and Tia would watch.”

Anyway! Hopefully I’ll build up a bit of a store of outfit posts this weekend. I’m off to go dancing as soon as this episode of Sherlock is up.



8 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 10/7/11

    • I’m a complete Whovian. For a while, we had started watching the old ones, but got distracted when the season started again. And Torchwood. All the pretties!

  1. Mia says:

    Derp, I can’t believe I didn’t come and comment on this all weekend. Mia fail. This is super cute–is that the gingham scarf I spy there? I keep hearing good things about BBC Sherlock, but I feel like I should finish one of the TV shows I’ve been working on (Breaking Bad, Star Trek: TNG, Home Movies) before I start anything new, and my brother has already got me promising to start Trailer Park Boys. Sigh. THE WORLD IS HARD, TIA.

  2. BBC Sherlock is literally 3 90 minute episodes so far though. You can totally watch the whole thing in one marathon if you wanted. Just do it so we can squee over it. XD

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