Team Outfit Post: 11/27/11

In a flip from a few days ago, now Mia is doing menswear inspired like a bad ass, and I’m doing cleavage! We’re both rocking newly acquired thrift finds.

Mia grabbed these snappy suspenders up because I had my doubts about my ability to rock suspenders and not look like a porn character. Also, the buckles on her sleeves are making me swoooon.

After thrifting, we wandered to Payless and Mia got these snappy laceless oxfords. I seriously considered getting fur lined flats at the same time, but decided I’d spent enough on thrifting before hand. Still, these totally bring together Mia’s bad ass dude look.

Hehehe, Mia-butt! I am glad to have her rocking jeans and making them look fancy. She mentioned that this blouse isn’t quite long enough to stay tucked in, but I think she rocked the look anyhow.

Mia and I pull the same face at the same time! I’m a bit pissy because I spent four hours in a one hour meeting on a Sunday. It…was one of those days. End of semester! Shit to do! Mia stayed home and made epic tater tots though, which we ate before photographing.

Guys. This top. It is so Tia. I couldn’t not take it when I saw it in the thrift store. Deep-v neckline! Green! It made me way too happy.

Of the two pairs of jeans I thrifted yesterday, this pair is definitely the winner. They are waaaay more comfy than the other pair, and just…damn. Comfy jeans make me way too happy.

Hair accessories! and the last picture of my ooooh so faded hair. We’re going to dye it…right now! So that’s good, considering how I’m looking a little more lavender than purple.

Awkward boob to back picture! Where Mia looks shocked that I’m attempting to be tall from my chest!

Team Outfit Pictures: Turkey Day


So today’s post is, in part, a lie. Both Mia and I had minor outfit changes throughout the day. Ok, Mia had a minor change, I had a major change. I was in pajamas until 8:30 at night because I did most of the Thanksgiving cooking, with some assists by Mia and Braden, and decided that I didn’t want to get anything dirty. Mia had socks on, but switched to tights when we finally left the house.

We finally left the house when we found out that the ice skating rink in Millennium Park is open until 10. But then, when we got there, it was closed. Laaaame.

Mia was super adorable today. The teal with purple is one of my favorite combinations ever, especially when the purple is just poking out.

I was super impressed when Mia told me that this belt did not come with this sweater, but instead another pair of pants. I think they match dead on. The best part is, she revealed to me right after we did these photos, she’s using the belt to hide a missing button. Clever girl!

I am less clever. I just went with something quick so we could get to the rink in time to find they closed early. But I still took the time to grab my cloche to complete the outfit.

When we left the house, Braden, Mike and I were all wearing argyle, meaning that obviously, Mia is the most original.

I am definitely thankful that Mia and Mike have the discretionary income to come visit over this holiday weekend, and that we had the ability to have an epic dinner together.

Hehe, butts!

Team Outfit Pictures: 11/21/11

Hot on the heels of my post with my measurements, you finally get a picture of Mia and I in the same frame. Not that we’re both standing upright or anything to help with that. Why would we do -that-?

Taking pictures together means that we were both inclined to be odder than normal. Or at least I was. I made some weeeird faces today.

Even though Mia is here, I still had to go to meetings today. Boo-urns! But I got all dressed up. This is a skirt that Mia escorted from California and my mother for me.

It is currently a biiit too big. Though I’ve got a giant butt, I have a waist that doesn’t exactly hit the size 16/18 mark of this skirt. Still, I think the pattern is super cute. I should probably make a few darts to make the skirt fit a bit better, but for today, I just rolled it up and then belted it in place.

And then Mia took a picture of my hair to demo the fading patterns. They are way intense. I’ll fix it some time over the next week, I guess?

Mia is also pretty adorable. Check out her vaguely X-Man thing going on here with the yellow belt and the x across the back. She said it, not me. XD It’s pretty baller.

So I didn’t really understand what color this belt was until I saw it in person. I think before, I had thought it was like, pure orange. But it’s really closer to the yellow-ish color you see here. Yay yellow.

Mia is super great. I’m super psyched for all the cooking we’re going to be doing in the next few days like woah. We’ll maybe document some of that awesomeness.