Outfit Post: 11/6/11

Dress: Goodwill (Beyer Too! California) — Cardigan: Target — Spanx: Sockshop & Shoe Co. — Shoes: Codify — Hat: Gift

Okay, folks, it’s time to lay it all out on the table: I was nervous about leaving the house in this dress. It’s quite a bit shorter than almost anything else I own, and even with the tights I felt a little self-conscious; being pear-shaped, I’ve long been somewhat critical of my legs and thighs. But, see, I bought this rather mod, soft-as-a-kitten dress nearly a year ago from Goodwill because I couldn’t bear to leave it behind, and it really deserves to be worn rather than languishing in the back of my closet–so I decided to wear it on Sunday to go shopping for winter coats with Mike.

Lucky for me, Sunday was extremely pleasant, so for a good deal of it I was able to trip around without the cardigan. Next time I might belt the dress or wear a top under it, but this first time wearing it out, I wanted to keep it simple: dress, tights, booties, cardigan if necessary, and the hat Jessica gave me last Christmas, which just so happens to match the dress almost perfectly, which is just further proof that she had magic powers.

Of course, doing a little photoshoot before driving to the mall helped me realize how fabulous I looked, and also how hypocritical I was being. I’m a strong advocate of ladies of any size wearing what makes them happy (e.g. plus-sized folks are NOT “too fat” to wear bright colors or short skirts), so why shouldn’t I wear this cute little dress? Humans are critical beings by nature, and as critical as we can be of others, it’s also extremely easy to be more critical of ourselves, and so easy to fall into the “it’s okay for others but not for me because I’m ten times more hideous than all the rest of humanity” trap. Which, what? Let’s stop that! I’d call this dress super cute on another person, so I’m going to cut the crap and call it cute on myself.

So, you know what? I felt good! Dang good. A lady in the Old Navy dressing room even complimented my outfit while I was waiting for Mike to try on some work shirts. (This is the same Old Navy dressing room where, some months ago, another shopper once asked me if I had ever been on America’s Next Top Model, so I’m going to go ahead and assume that along with being a dressing room, it’s also a Compliment Vortex.)

No photoshoot with Mia is complete without her being goofy, of course. I really do enjoy doing pictures for the blog, whether with the tripod and timer or with someone behind the camera; maybe it just brings out the theatrical side of me. My weirdness is frequently irrepressible, and not always in a charming Zooey Deschanel kind of way, but I try to make it fun when I can.

All in all, I had a grand old Saturday, and bought meself a really cute wool coat for going to Chicago. Mike got one too, with the help of an extremely knowledgeable and garrulous sales associate named Percy III. We’re thinking of going back there just to say hi; Percy’s one of a kind.


19 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 11/6/11

  1. First off, you look fantastic in that dress. And those boots. Love the boots.

    Secondly – I love being a pear! I’ve had body issues for so long, and there are still parts of me that I’m not a big fan of. But my big hips and thighs can stay just the way they are. It took me a long time to feel that way – but I don’t think I’d get rid of them even if I could. Pears are sexy. 😀

  2. Ahoy, fellow pear! You look adorable, and I completely understand that “women should wear whatever they want— other women, that is, maybe not me” feeling. I have two short skirts languishing unworn in my closet. Poor clothes!

    I was about the start the “I’d MUCH rather have your legs than mine” game, but realized that might invalidate anyone who has legs similar to mine. That’s the problem with some compliments, or even positive self-talk— hearing women say “I love my muscular thighs!” or “I love my tiny ankles!” makes me think “Oh, then they’d hate mine.” So let’s leave it at “I think your legs are very cute, shapely, functional, and totally valid.”

    Both you and Tia are so colorful and seemingly style-fearless, you’ve made a big impression on me. Thanks for putting yourselves out there, girls!

  3. OMG! That dress is sooooooo cute, Mia! I’m so glad you gave yourself a firm talking to, too. I have to do that a lot myself. I have several really cute dresses that are just this side of decent, and my Victorian sensibilities often cause me to push them to the back of the closet. I think you’re right: we’re always harder on ourselves than others. When I’m shopping I always catch myself thinking, “That would be so cute on someone else… but it’s way too X for me.” I’ve been trying to stop thinking that way. It takes practice.

    I think there’s a Universal law that anyone with a “III’ behind their name is guaranteed to be something of a character. I’ve never met a “III” who isn’t. Percy (please, please, please tell me his first name is Percival) sound epic.

  4. You are too freaking adorable, Mia. And your legs look so smokin’ hot in that dress/tights/booties combo… I’m glad you went for it!

    And those inner insecurity voices are such assholes. I went out with a friend last weekend and was wearing light gray tights with OTK socks and knee high boots (and, ya know, other clothing… I’m not that crazy!)… and those voices started up with, “won’t people think you’re too big to be wearing OTK socks? even if you don’t think so, a lot of folks think they only look good on skinny legs!” And I realized that being newly single kinda elevates these thoughts for me because I think about being attractive to potential make out partners.

    ANYWAY much like you I shut the voices up by telling myself that my legs looked fucking rad in the OTK socks (so cute, didn’t get a pic dammit) and if someone was gonna judge me about it then I wouldn’t want to hang out or make out with them anyway. And the most attractive quality is confidence, so why was I worrying? Then I proceeded to feel like a badass for the rest of the night.

    • Mia says:

      I’m so glad you shut the voices up! That outfit sounds definitely make-out worthy–you’ll have to wear it again for the blog. 😀 I just ordered four pairs of OTK socks myself, so I’m super excited for them to arrive. You’re the coolest, Chelsea, and I’m glad you’re out there kicking butt every day.

  5. Your firm talking to yourself was too apt! This dress is way, way, way too precious on you. I know what you mean about short dresses: I always fuss over whether or not my bottom is going to be hanging out. But…in the end, my desire to feel as hot as I do while wearing short dresses always wins out.

    Jessica’s psychic matching powers were too fabulous. This outfit is simply outstanding.

  6. That dress! It looks like it was designed for you! That hat! Matches perfectly!

    Okay, so, this is going to sound strange, and because I am an awkward lady, it may come across as offensive (God, I hope not), but I think that your goofiness is inspiring! It’s discouraging to see ‘weirdness’ or ‘goofiness’ packaged in the media as people like Zooey Deschanel, whose alleged weirdness is somehow legitimized or permitted because it’s perpetually adorable. That sort of goofiness isn’t about self-acceptance at all: it’s about performers and observers.

    So seeing people like you and Tia rocking out and doing fun stuff because it makes you feel happy, even if you’re aware that it’s a bit goofy while you’re doing it– THAT’s awesome!

    Aaand I hope that didn’t offend you! It was all meant in a context of “y’all are gorgeous and surely you know it!”

    • Mia says:

      Rachel, of course you didn’t offend me! I am really appreciative of your thoughtful comment, and it warms the cockles of my heart. You’re completely right about legitimate weirdness and performance; Tia and I perform for this blog, to a certain extent, but I know we also both try to keep it real and to be truthful about ourselves and our perspectives. It’s heartening to see other people picking up on that! Especially since you seem like someone who likes to keep it real too. 🙂

      • Haha. As soon as I posted that, I was all “man, I’m so sorry that I just spewed postmodernism across their blog. That must’ve been weird.” Thanks for being cool, Mia!

      • Mia says:

        Really, by all means–please come spew postmodernism across the blog anytime you want! Thoughtful, informed comments are super duper welcome.

  7. OMG this is so fab. Love the mod influences and the hat! The hat tossing photo is awesome. Now I want a photo like that. Judging by my lack of twirl photo skills though… I’ll probably end up looking really ridiculous 🙂

  8. I love that hat! I have a similar hat that I shall be wearing on Sunday, with a dress a bit different than yours. I’ve been looking for a dress like that, but no luck for me. And you happened upon yours in a thrift shop! How fortuitous! I’m glad you decided to wear it; it’s a great piece.

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