9 thoughts on “Team Outfit Pictures: 11/25/11

  1. Oh… oh gosh. That coat, Mia, is AMAZING. Way to fight the winter doldrums with delightfully eye-searing color! (And: I can’t help feel a twinge of jealousy at your Goodwill yellow beads, since something like that has been on my ‘want to find!’ list for the past, oh, five years. Good find!)

    Tia, you are excellent at rocking vests, you know? Your vest ensembles are always more than the sum of their parts, and I do not understand this alchemy. I haven’t worn a vest since it was part of my high school choir uniform, but you’re making me think that I should give them a shot!

  2. Coatses! And colorfulness! Have I told you both how much ILU and your blog… er, blogs? Should it be plural if it’s a shared blog? Stupid grammar, failing me again. I shake my fist at you angrily, Grammar!

  3. Argh! Why didn’t I think to go to a thrift store on Black Friday, that would have been super good. Next year, next year. And you saw The Improvised Shakespeare Company? I’m so jealous! They’re hilarious.

  4. Becky Shelley says:

    OMG is Tia sporting a turtle neck?! I swore she never would for me! Of course since she is in IL instead of CA perhaps she has learned the joy of them! Kudos for going out of the old comfort zone! You two are so adorable .Will miss seeing you post together once Mia comes home ;-( Love you both!

    • Ha! It’s not a -true- turtleneck. I tried a few of those on, and they all made me feel choked like before. This one is really loose and doesn’t really touch my throat, which is a big part of why it got bought! ^^;

      Heh, it’ll be a short time between the next set of darling duo pictures anyway, considering we’ll be in the same state again in threeish weeks!

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