7 thoughts on “Team Outfit Pictures: 11/28/11

  1. “Sometimes I get paranoid about buying clothes for other people because of the possible significant connotations of buying something too large or too small that might end in hurt feelings, embarrassment, and body image issues–but I figured if anybody’s likely to be laid back about that sort of thing, it would be Tia.”

    Yesh, I’ve had these thoughts. Plus, considering how often we all try on clothes that don’t fit, despite knowing our own bodies thoroughly, how are we supposed to eyeball-estimate someone else’s sizes?

  2. I want my friends to visit me so we can take fun photos. I think some of us might actually take a photo for holiday greeting cards this year, which is bound to be interesting. You’re both dressed in such bold colors! I love the new aubergine shirt! And you’re going to Mexico? I’ve never been.

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