Happy Mew Year!

Happy Mew Year to all our hilarious and fabulous readers here at Reading in Skirts! Best wishes in 2012 from Flat Tire…


…and Pingüino. (I don’t know why Pingüino is a part of Happy Mew Year, but he insisted.)

Outfit Post: 12/25/11

Blouse: Goodwill (Wet Seal) — Long-sleeved tee: Old Navy — Dress: Gift — Tights: Target — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Necklace, bracelet, and ring: Gift

Murry Chrsmuss, folks! I see around that a lot of bloggers like to wear all-new clothes on Christmas, which is a fun and cute thing! In my case, the only new thing about this outfit is the necklace, which was a sweet gift from Tia. (I’ll have to get a better close-up picture of it sometime, it’s got an adorable owl on it.)

But this was the first time I wore this blouse after thrifting it a couple of months ago, because a red mesh blouse with floofy sleeves isn’t so everyday. Perfect for a nice festive holiday, though!

Mike and I had a pretty busy Christmas, altogether. We got up and went to do presents at his mom’s house, then to his dad’s house for lunch, then to Tia’s parent’s house to do more presents and screw around, and then back to Mike’s mom’s house for dinner and a goodbye before we jaunted off to Mexico. Woof!

When I say we screwed around, I mean it. Braden took outfit pictures for both me and Tia, and we spent way too long on both parts, but it was fun. (The umbrella is part of Braden’s photography equipment. Props are definitely a plus when someone else is taking your picture and you’re feeling a little self-conscious.)

I think I accidentally attributed these shoes to Naturalizer when I last posted an outfit including them on here, but they’re definitely Born. It was Tia’s dad’s idea that the leaves on the bottom are worth featuring, and they are pretty cute. This is one of the first times I’ve done outfit pictures with an audience; it’s a little weird, but also entertaining. Snarkiness is some of my favorite things about the Shelley family, and I hope they never change.

Outfit Post: Christmas!

Christmas Day, Braden and I screwed around for pictures for a bit. This outfit was baaaasically picked out by my mom though, since we did Christmas pictures that day, which of course meant, I had to wear the argyle sweater and the grey skirt together. So sweater tights and oxfords came together so that I had something cute to open presents in.

I am really enjoying being able to feel the sun on my skin. That’s something that just disappears for a few months in Chicago, and it’s that lack that always makes winter drag for me.

Oh man though, I’m starting to regret not bringing the dye with me. We should do some pictures today so you can see how faded it’s gotten since Christmas. I’m going to just be all white-haired by the time we get back home. Ha!

Look guys! I can wear earrings! Even though my skin is reacting really poorly to Mexico, at that point, I was doing better. These were included as a bow on a present from my “aunt” Denise. They’re rather pretty, I think.

I do love having Braden take pictures. :3 He seems to bring the pretty out of me.

Team Outfit Post: 12/23/11

So, while we’re currently in Mexico, we have one last set of outfit pictures from California. I’ve been valiantly attempting to fight off a cold since…basically this picture. Curse the desire to be around my friends, even when they are sick and contagious.

This skirt was one of the early gifts from my mom. I really like how this skirt and top go together. Definitely need something sufficiently thick to cover my butt with it though, considering how short it is. In theory I could wear it on my hips, but the elastic band doesn’t sit well there.

Our travels were pretty non-exciting! Which is good. We stopped more than I would’ve, but because we came down in Mike’s car(which is a stick shift that I can do nothing with), I was not driving at all. XD I’m not complaining though: we took it easy, which was definitely needed.

Pink pineapple skirt! I’m a little jealous of how awesome that skirt is. I’m digging on Mia’s black tights/black shoes combo here too. We basically spent the evening playing cribbage and noshing on smoked pork shoulder and tritip that my dad made. Nommy!

Hopefully, we’ll be pseudo consistent with posting while in Guaymas! We don’t have too many plans, so we shouldn’t fall too far behind!

Team Outfit Pictures: Wedding Shower Edition, 12/18/11

So, I’ll give you three guesses what the theme was for the wedding shower that us bridespeople threw Tia and Braden.

Guess one.

Guess two.

Guess three. I’ll wait.

Yup, it was enchantment under the sea dance hats! Not to toot my own horn, but isn’t my hat great? It’s not even really tooting my own horn, because I had nothing to do with this hat. My friend Leah made me this hat. Like, MADE IT. FROM SCRATCH. I don’t know about you, but it blows my mind! Hatmaking, jeez. Tia’s is fantastic, too, her mom was responsible for that. It was a hatstravaganza!

We also wore other stuff, too, yeah. And we managed to coordinate with the theme colors! Except for brown, I guess. Poor neglected brown.

Anyway, we forced Michael to take some pictures. I had an unpleasant cold at the time, if you might remember, the evidence of which you can see in that pack of tissues in my cardigan pocket. Oh, that cold, which Tia has now. (Sorry Tia.) But it was a good time! Punch and games and good food.

And love! Tia and I are now in Mexico, very tired and watching Janeane Garofalo do standup, and it’s a very strange time, but there’s much love.

Love, and excitement.

Outfit Post: 12/22/11

Sweater: Thrifted (Aeropostale) — Turtleneck: Thrifted (Old Navy) — Skirt: Goodwill (Target) — Tights: Target — Shoes: Payless — Necklace and bracelet: Thrifted

What up, guys! Who’s in the office, waiting for their last day before the holiday break to end? (I sympathize with those of you who will be working for the holidays and/or most of next week.)

Work has been pretty quiet the last week–campus is a veritable ghost town since all the students and faculty and many of the staff are long gone. I’m trying to wrap up some last-minute stuff since this is my last day at my current position, but then I get to go home and clean the house! And then maybe have latkes and salmon and milkshakes for dinner, yeahhhhhhhh boyyeeeeee.

Tell me your holiday plans, if you’re still around on the internet and haven’t taken off yet! We’re spending Christmas with Mike’s family, with probably an interlude to pop in on Tia’s family and bother them. Then, the day after Christmas, we’re all (Mike, Tia, Braden, and I) jumping in the car and driving, driving like the wind! We hope to hit Tucson by midday on the 27th and then take an eight-hour bus ride down to my dad’s house in Guaymas, Mexico. I love visiting my dad, and Tia and Braden have never been to Mexico, so I’m really looking forward to the trip. We are going to eat so many steak tacos at Dony’s Loncheria, I tell you what.

But there’s still a decent chunk of time between then and now, so I’m going to go code things and listen to Christmas songs that I’m not sick of yet. I’m going to try to keep blogging while we’re traveling, so see you next week! Happy holidays, y’all!

Wedding Dress Shopping: Tiny Waist Edition

Hi everybody: it’s time for another edition of wedding dress shopping with Tia! This time, I had the assistance of Mia, my bridesdude Hector, and my mom. Hustle away now if you’re not interested in such things.

This time, I went to a bridal/formal wear shop in Stockton, so there were lots of non-white options. This one called to me, because it’s pretty darn close to the right colors/length, but honestly, none of my peeps seemed excited about it after I got it on. I mostly loved the little flower.

These three were largely to give my mom the opportunity to see me in a big floofy white dress. I actually sort of like the bodice on the last one, except for the underarm sequins. Why people, why? These set off the shop owner’s comments about my “tiny waist”. I don’t know how to convey to shop keepers that telling me I have a tiny waist won’t convince me of anything, but it really doesn’t do anything for me.

This was actually one of my favorite dresses. When I started trying on the formal gowns instead of the wedding dresses, we found a lot more that it was easy to see myself in. The glitter explosion at the side was way too cute. I still want a more full skirt than this one, but I love the deep sweetheart and what it does for my boobs.

This one has the same basic top as the one above, but with a lower waist. Mia mentioned liking the higher waist better, but reflecting on these images, I sort of like the length added to my torso by having the sash a bit lower. I tend towards higher waist lines in my daily wear, and I wonder if that’s why I’m gravitating towards a lower position for formal wear, as some sort of contrast? Maybe?

Actually, of the white dresses I tried on, I liked this one the best. Something about the long dividing line of the sash really appealed to me. That, and the flower details that you can’t really see on top of the sash. And yes, that’s my mom’s hand, pinching the top of the bodice to sweetheart0ify it because it was a straight bodice. Ahar.

Still, I think what’s been decided is that I’m going to keep waiting to sample my dream dress(the reversible convertible), and if that doesn’t work out, Mom and I found an awesome pattern and the perfect fabrics at JoAnn’s the other day. Man, we’re like five months away on the wedding countdown. It’s sort of unbelievable.