A Letter to My Body

[Inspired by a commenter on Sal’s recent post about Flaws]

Hey there, body:

I know we’ve had a rocky relationship over the years. Sometimes, I’ve been a jerk to you, and I know you were totally mystified why. None of it was your fault: I didn’t know then, just how much power the views of others had on my own self-worth. But I know now, and I’m really truly sorry for not appreciating you for all that you do for me.

For one, you’ve taken me out dancing, and for that I can never, ever express enough gratitude. The greatest joy in my life is moving you to music, by myself or with someone else. I couldn’t take one tiny step without all of the muscles working together in these awesome legs. Wobbly they may be, but feeling resonance within you is one of those fears turned into a joy.

You’ve also turned me into a casual cyclist, saving me time over waiting for the bus like a boss.

I used to worry that your giant rack might be a bit overkill: after all, when I was younger, I was so content when it was smaller and I had been so hopeful that I was done growing. Now? I know what those marvelous boobs are for. They’re for shimmying and catching cookie crumbs and turning heads and for feeling powerful.

Calves? I thought it was you stressing me out, but really it’s all the sock makers who don’t quite understand one size fits all isn’t enough sizes in terms of socks. You, on the other hand, just provided the best canvas for me to work through some of my grief, and look freaking fabulous in high heels. Fuck those sock makers, we’re cooler than them.

When I weighed 140, I wanted nothing more in the world than to weigh 125. Now, at just shy of 200, I want nothing more in the world than to treat you right. I’ll take you out dancing. I’ll make us some solid home-cooked dinners when I can. We’ll go on walks and explore the city of Chicago together. I promise to treat you better, because I know, we both know, what it’s like to be mistreated, and I can’t believe I’ve been doing that to you.

Thanks, for everything you do,

Tia ❤


8 thoughts on “A Letter to My Body

  1. Becky Shelley says:

    Sometimes I think numbers are overrated. sometimes they give us perspective. They shouldn’t have the power to control us and our emotions yet they do on more days then not. I remember one time I went to the Doctor I was probably 35 and tipping the scale at 200plus. and they did the whole blood panel thing. and came back and the Doctor sat there in front of me and said” remarkably looking at all you numbers on this piece of paper I can’t believe they belong to you!Blood sugar,blood pressure, cholesterol, all those important ones they love to watch,all your numbers are perfect on paper you look are the picture of health and yet here you are at least 50 lbs overweight . all I can say is you really should lose some weight. I think you are just very fortunate it hasn’t had any ill affect on your body yet. ” I was so irate I changed Doctors. of course sadly eventually they were right and my body did find out I was fat ( I blame the Doctor)and my blood pressure went up . But never mind I was working out 3-5 days a week(and still am) So I guess my point is some numbers you have to take seriously and others just say F ’em. I think as long as you feed your body good stuff watch your portions and get up and move everyday. its all good. unfortunately you have 2 things working against you a family history of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure from both sides so those numbers are important to keep track of! I love you bunches no matter what size or number you are, you are always number one to me!(being my first born I can say that )

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