It’s Finals Week Linkspam

Sorry guys, it’s finals week, and tomorrow is my only actual exam, and it happens to, uh, determine whether or not I get to keep pursuing my PhD at UIC. The primary result of this has been a complete lack of taking photos(since it would involve tidying up the bedroom/unpacking Braden’s camera) and stress baking chocolate-chip and butterscotch chip oatmeal cookies. Delicious, but not exactly what one would call outfit pictures. So I’m going to share a couple of Social Justice!!111!1 articles, and then share my own webcomic regimen because I also read webcomics(fewer than I did in high school, much like Mia, but still, quite a few.)

First, Social Justice League has a great article on How to be a Fan of Problematic Things. As someone both super interested in social issues and someone who has enjoyed things like Scott Pilgrim and then felt crushing guilt due to the descriptions of how problematic it was, this was super helpful. The comments are freaking enjoyable, because somehow, most of the people are arguing in good faith.

Second, I found femme guy’s take down of the Cultural Appropriation of Femme Men from a comment in SJL’s article above, and really enjoyed it. It picks at some of the things that start getting touched on in the comments. Two more blogs to follow for me!

Ok, webcomics! I’m going to focus on the ones that I read that have queer characters or deal with queer issues, because to be honest, it’s what I’m thinking about right now(instead of algorithms).

#RiotNrrd blows my mind. RJ has written one of the most diverse comic casts I’ve ever run into, and it just delights me. It’s a slice of life comic largely set at a college, but the strength is really in the characters. It goes back and forth between serious and funny, often within the same strip. Much like life. Derp. This comic is the one that made my Rachel Maddow is my homegirl t-shirt that I wear. RJ is just the best.

#Khaos Komix despite the utterly terrible name(sorry Tab, it’s true) is amazing. Each of the high school/late college aged main cast members has a chapter with which they tell their own story, and all of them are phenomenal. Sometimes, there’s overlap between the stories and there is just this awesome moment of woah when you realize how deep the rabbit hole goes.

#Rooster Tails is the journal comic of Sam, a transman living New Zealand. Sam is a giant nerd and I have like 30 crushes on him. His comic can be a bit sporadic because he’s also in grad school, but I’m never disappointed by the new updates. Also, I get updates on New Zealand politics, which is fascinating. (Also, the title is a pun about penis, which is like, the number one way to my heart).

#Eve’s Apple is a same universe story as The Princess, which Mia linked to earlier, but deals primarily with an adult cast, and thus, can be darker. Again, a phenomenally diverse cast is what makes this comic so appealing.

#Meaty Yogurt is by Megan Rose Gedris, of Yume(now completed, but no less gorgeous and amazing for being completed) and I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outerspace(which, actually, I could link too, but IWKBLSPFO is not on a list I read regularly right now). I’m digging the color scheme for this comic hard core. Yet another slice of life, because to be honest, that’s like ALL I read.

Back to studying notes. 😦


3 thoughts on “It’s Finals Week Linkspam

  1. Mia says:

    Cookies! I kind of wish I were a stress-baker, maybe I would make more tasty treats then. but I’m making mint- and dark-chocolate-chip cookies to take to a tree-trimming party at my aunt’s and uncle’s house this weekend, so all is not lost. Good luck with your final, ladycakes! (Ladycookies?)

    There are a couple of these I haven’t read, so I’m excited to check them out. 😀 The How to Be a Fan is going straight in my favorites, too–I know that that sort of guilt is absolutely unproductive, so a reminder as to how to BE productive is great great great.

    • I’m not sure you want to be a stress baker so much as live with a stress baker. XD It is a very expensive thing this time of year and come May.

  2. marie says:

    Hey, Hi there –

    Mia linked here from the hairpin, uhm, yesterday? And i must say, i’m really glad she did. This is a super post, and i’ve been steadily reading through the comics since yesterday. Another comic with queer folks that i enjoy is girls with slingshots. It can be a little problematic sometimes, but it’s still fun. Anyway, thanks!

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