Team Outfit Post: 12/23/11

So, while we’re currently in Mexico, we have one last set of outfit pictures from California. I’ve been valiantly attempting to fight off a cold since…basically this picture. Curse the desire to be around my friends, even when they are sick and contagious.

This skirt was one of the early gifts from my mom. I really like how this skirt and top go together. Definitely need something sufficiently thick to cover my butt with it though, considering how short it is. In theory I could wear it on my hips, but the elastic band doesn’t sit well there.

Our travels were pretty non-exciting! Which is good. We stopped more than I would’ve, but because we came down in Mike’s car(which is a stick shift that I can do nothing with), I was not driving at all. XD I’m not complaining though: we took it easy, which was definitely needed.

Pink pineapple skirt! I’m a little jealous of how awesome that skirt is. I’m digging on Mia’s black tights/black shoes combo here too. We basically spent the evening playing cribbage and noshing on smoked pork shoulder and tritip that my dad made. Nommy!

Hopefully, we’ll be pseudo consistent with posting while in Guaymas! We don’t have too many plans, so we shouldn’t fall too far behind!

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