Team Outfit Post: 1/1/12

Hey y’all! We’ve been a bit off and on with vacation going on, but here’s what we did on the first day of the new year! We went into a nearby town for the flea market…that ended up not happening because it was New Year’s Day. Oops! So instead, we ended up stopping at a park and goofing off. I love pairing this skirt and flannel together. It makes me feel so coordinated.

I maaay have been inspired by Mia’s flannel shirt. She got dressed just a little bit before I did in this super cute yellow top. Please note how much more she had to bend over to get in the “cage.”

I made Mia show off her Christmas present from me here. Owl necklace! I found it on hautelook and thought that the length and size were very Mia-tacular. Seeing as she’s been wearing it, she either likes it, or is placating me. πŸ˜€

Man. This was a thing I didn’t climb up on because of my skirt, but I regret it. There were a bunch of really bad ass pictures of Mia up top.

After hanging out in the park for a bit, we drove back to Guaymas, and then went back out to another beach for sunset. It was nice. Sunsets take so much longer here than they do in Chicago, if that makes any sense. There are just so few things to get in the way of the sun here, which is definitely not true for Chicago.

In case you had any doubt, Mia reigns tallest of the beach forever. You would not catch me climbing up on a rusty structure under normal circumstances, that’s for sure!


5 thoughts on “Team Outfit Post: 1/1/12

    • Mia and I recently realized that we both are into the whole owl thing pretty hardcore when she was here and I was looking over her shoulder at her etsy wishlist. So. Many. Owls. πŸ˜€

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