How To: Switching Bike Seats

One of the really rough things about being human is that we’re often shaped differently. To buy anything off the rack is to typically be uncomfortable in some way or another. This is especially true for things like athletic equipment, such as bicycles! A friend of mine a while back gave me her bike seat when I complained about my old one, but when I installed it, I realized that it was definitely the wrong seat for me. It’s one of the slender seats, which is better for bike riders who do not have upright bikes, but instead bike for speed. I do not ride for speed, but comfort. So I waited, since winter was coming, but then the weather got to be so nice and I got a bit of spare loan money in, so I bought a new seat. I didn’t take that many pictures of the process, but it’s not too difficult. The first step is to get the old seat off.

No more saddle! I had to unscrew it, which took some time. After loosening it up with a wrench though, it could be finger twisted off quite easily.

Here’s the old saddle, and the assorted bits that kept it on the center pole. Oh, and the remnants from my old bike like that vanished. Whoops. So after getting the old seat off, the first bit is pretty easy: set the new seat on and screw it down as much as possible with your hands.

Now, you have to adjust the nose of the seat. My new saddle is noseless, because I did quite a bit of reading before purchasing this sucker. The front part of a saddle can cause serious damage to both dudes and ladies(though the damage is a lot scarier for dudes: reduced sperm count, etc) especially if you ride frequently. As a commuter, I decided to value my junk a little higher, and get a comfort seat. This meant I had to tilt it back a bit, because otherwise it feels a bit like you’re going to slide right off the front of the bike. I actually tightened the seat down all the way before figuring out that the front was pointed too far forward, and had to loosen it up again and whack the back of the seat down, and then tighten it up again.

I’ll write up a review of my new seat when I get a chance to do a proper commute or longer ride, but since switching seats, I’ve discovered my back tire is flat. Bicycle, why you gotta be like that? Hopefully the snow will hold off long enough for me to ride it to the shop to get a new tire installed, since it seems to be a slow leak at least!

Have a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “How To: Switching Bike Seats

  1. That seat does look comfortable! I’ve been looking at bikes recently, to keep one at home (I already have a bike share membership), but I didn’t realize that there were different seat styles. Silly me! Most of my riding would be pleasure or short commuting, and definitely not for speed, and a seat like this looks like it would be most comfortable. Do review it when you can!

  2. Mia says:

    Ooooh, shmancy. I’m looking forward to a review after you’ve ridden it for a bit! I really just kind of want to get a whole new bike, but a noseless seat would be a nice (and cheaper) start…

    • I’m with you there. I’ve been wanting a new bike since forever, but it’s just not in the cards right now. 😦 But changing seats can make a big difference for sure!

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