Outfit Post: 1/6/12

Shirt: From my friend Leah’s free pile — Jacket: Gift (Sugar Lips) — Skirt: Goodwill (Patagonia) [shortened by me] — Tights: Target — Shoes: Thrifted (Naturalizer) — Earrings: Target

Ahoy-hoy and happy Tuesday! For those of you in the US, did you have Monday off? In honor of MLK Day, I spent some time reading some of Nnedi Okorafor’s online short stories, including “Biafra” and “Spider the Artist.” Powerful stuff! Both of those stories take place in Nigeria, so they’re maybe not as reflective of the African-American experience as other works I could have chosen if I wanted to be particularly on-point, but my own general idea was just to get reading some PoC literature. And read some PoC literature, I did! Good job, self. Now just keep that up every other day of the year and you’ll be on your way.

(As a side-note, “Spider the Artist” reminded me a bit of “Harry the Crow,” another PoC speculative-fiction story which I remember as being interesting, although I haven’t listened to it in two years or so. And as a side-note to my side-note, you should check out Escape Pod if you don’t already listen to it. Not all the stories are great, but a lot of them are.)

When I wasn’t busy sitting on my butt reading expanding my mind, I spent a lot of time cooking. Like, a lot. I got the fever for it while we were in Mexico and came up with a mile-long to-cook list for when we got back home. So far, I’ve made:

* this chai concentrate

* apple-chai cookies (not going to link the recipe because they were totally not worth it–just drink the chai concentrate with milk, it’s killer good)

* these cuminy black beans with coconut rice, chipotle yogurt, and mango (I also added a tomato and avocado salad on the side)

* this roasted parsnip and cauliflower soup

* cowherd’s pie (aka shepherd’s pie with beef, because Mike’s a dork who doesn’t like lamb [when it is so clearly the king of all meats])

* roasted chicken

And that’s just the start, my friends! I want to make matcha and chai custards, semlor, chicken noodle soup, yogurt-cucumber salad, cold sesame noodles, ricotta gnudi, polenta with roasted veggies and poached eggs…I WANT ALL THE FOOD. What have you cooked lately? What’s your favorite thing to cook? Give me your recipes! Your recipes, give them to me.

Thanks to my kitchen rampage, the dishes are legion. I’ve been doing a better job of keeping up than usual, though, and I think I should be able to pull through since we’re just having leftovers (gasp) tonight. And, yes, I could ask Mike to help with them, but he always does a terrible job–it’s almost like they’re greasier afterwards than when he started, somehow. I’ll leave him the vacuuming and the cat box.

Okay, and maybe the picture-taking. I asked him to get a nice detail shot of the pansies and vines embroidered on the back of the jacket I wore this day, since I was having a hard time taking the picture myself. I think it’s pretty obvious that his idea of detail is a bit more extreme than mine. Pretty, though!

8 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 1/6/12

  1. This outfit is the best! It must be the jacket: the blazer shape with unexpected embellishment communicates “I am a responsible adult lady in the workplace, but I also have an infinite internal reservoir of sass.” The skirt being adorable helps, too.

    Thanks for directing us over to Escape Pod! I listen to a TON of stuff while sewing, and I’ve just about exhausted Librivox and This American Life. New entertainment excites me!

    FOOD. Yours sounds so good! We’re having shepherd’s pie tonight, too, but it’s, in all likelihood, going to be sausage- or venison-based. Whoo, working from the freezer. We eat a lot of Thai curry over rice, which is sort of an investment in random, curry-specific ingredients, but so worthwhile. This is about how we do my favorite kind (using pre-made curry paste and chicken breast instead): http://www.realthairecipes.com/recipes/massaman-curry/ For a questionably-authentic-but-obviously-delicious soup, I’m going to do this next: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/001525.html After that, I have no idea. I’m awesome at making interesting dishes, but terrible at providing myself with actual meals.

  2. You hemmed that skirt yourself? It looks so great! I love the color of it. And that jacket is faboo. Sometimes I wish you lived here so I could borrow your earrings on the fly too, because they would’ve been awesome with my shirt yesterday that’ll go up on Thursday. XD

    Also, weirds me out that Mike’s dish skills are going down hill? I swear he used to do a better job than me at the old apartment. Like, sit there until all the food was off. Braden is actually more nit picky than I am too, which is why he hates doing dishes, actually. XD I don’t mind because I do the shoddiest job.

    Also! You should get back to food skulking with all those recipes! Braden still hasn’t finished processing the pictures we took of my last adventure in cooking, but I’m totes going to post about the chocolate pudding cake I made when he finishes the pictures up.

    • Mia says:

      It’s not new, I just don’t wear it terribly often because of its blinding fabulousness. I should bust it out more often, though!

  3. First of all, may I just say that this is the most exciting blog ever because it involves BOOKS and SKIRTS!!! My two favourite things, in one!!! I have a feeling that this is going to be a marvelous blogging relationship 🙂 I made a really excellent Fragrant Chicken Curry the other day and Italian Chicken Pasta…but I don’t really follow recipes, I just kinda throw things in until I think it’s good! Following you…

    ❤ Cambria

    • Mia says:

      Hey, welcome to our blog! Join the club of skirt-and-book lovers–aren’t they just the best? I’m looking forward to checking out your blog too!

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