Outfit Post: 1/25/12

Sweater: Goodwill — Pants: Goodwill — Shoes: Thrifted — Hat: Gift — Belt: Thrifted (Old Navy)

Excuse me while I talk about something completely unrelated to my outfit here. (Wore it One Year Later, for comfiness and ease on a hard day.)

I’ll probably end up repeating this over on Nisaba Be Praised, but author and general interesting person Mary Robinette Kowal has started something up for February called A Month of Letters. The idea: write and send out a letter every day for a month! Or a package, or whatever. The goal is to have something in the mail every day that it runs. Go read the FAQ if you want more info. Now, I would technically be a day late today if I didn’t have Michael order something to send to my mom for her birthday. But tomorrow I’m going to put a postcard (with a sea otter on it!) to her in the mail and get the ball rolling!

Now, I could just send letters to my mom and Tia and Tito all month, but I want to branch out a little. So! If anybody around here trusts me not to be an axe murderer, email me at *figwiggin* *at* *gmail* *dot* *com* (gotta trick those internet spammers, donchaknow) with your address, and I’ll send you a little something-something! I rarely finish things, but let’s see if I can do this’n. Mail is hella awesome to get, and I know that I could use a little February pick-me-up. You might get a little toy or a mixtape or–who knows. It’ll be fun!


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