Not a Book Review, Just a Meme

Hey guys, so while I’m staying on topic this Monday(books!), I won’t be reviewing a book. While I finished Making Money this week, it’s the immediate sequel to Going Postal, and I feel like it’s too close together to review it right now. Additionally, while I enjoyed Making Money immensely, it pretty much has the exact same character as Going Postal, so if you thought you’d like Going Postal from my review, you’ll probably like Making Money too.

Until next week, I was tagged by the fabulous Erin with a book meme award.

  • Favorite poet(s)?

So…I don’t read poetry. Whoops. I read Walden in undergrad, but I just…don’t seek out poetry. So I don’t have a favorite poet. OOH! Except Shel Silverstein. Dude was awesome.

  • Least favorite/hated poet(s)?

It’s super hard to have a least favorite poet when I don’t bother to read poetry. >_>

  • Favorite fiction author(s)?

Spider Robinson, Christopher Moore, Alexandra Erin, Mercedes Lackey, Neil Gaiman

  • Least favorite/hated fiction author(s)?

Um? I don’t…really have a least favorite. Just favorites and things I either nothing or haven’t read yet. So. lame.

  • Favorite non-fiction author(s)?

Probably Michio Kaku. Science! For the masses! Also, Ben Fry & Casey Reas make a reasonably great text book writing team. Also, as far as HCI texts go, I can’t help but mention Don Norman and “The Psychology of Every Day Things”. I truly believe anyone and everyone should read the Norman book(it’s directed at the common public and is really enjoyable actually).

  • Least favorite/hated non-fiction author(s)?

Silberschatz writes a terrible textbook on operating systems that’s used everywhere but didn’t engage me at all.

  • Favorite graphic novel author(s)?

I’m going to go with Danielle Corsetto, of GWS.

  • Least favorite/hated graphic novel author(s)?

Pass. 😛

  • Worst reading habits? (I don’t think any reading can be termed as a “guilty pleasure”)

I’m an unrepentant speed reader. This is a horrible habit, because while I read a lot of books and enjoy them in the moment, I’m often hard pressed when asked to come up with the plot of a book or guess whether or not someone I know would like the book.

  • Worst book you ever read?

I don’t know that it was the worst book I ever read, but the only book that I couldn’t handle for long enough to finish it was Watership Down. I’ve finished almost every other book I started, but I just couldn’t.

  • Favorite book (at the moment at least)?

Callahan Chronicles. More from sentimentalism than anything about the book itself, but it is home in book form, as I’ve mentioned before.

  • Favorite genre?

Science fiction/fantasy. I’m getting into young adult fiction, but I tend to prefer a large dose of escapism in my books.


Want the award? I hearby give it to you. Go, and post it on your blog. :3


7 thoughts on “Not a Book Review, Just a Meme

  1. rubybastille says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and gank this…although I’m going to have to think about the nonfiction and “most hated” ones.

    (Is “gank” even a thing anymore? Or was it just a thing my friend made up on Livejournal?)

  2. Mia says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading the nonfiction you sent me; we’ll see how well I understand any of it, haha. I don’t believe all nonfiction needs to be written for the layman, but even people in a specific field can benefit from dynamic writing! There is always a narrative that lives in facts, you just have to draw it out.

    • I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I love when people who are immeasurably important to science are also good communicators. I wish I could rock that. Though who knows – if I keep down the video games-as-teaching-material path, it’s still a significantly sexy topic for publishers. XD

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