Outfit Post: 1/30/12

Sweater: Goodwill (Express) — Cardigan: Target — Pants: Goodwill — Shoes: Payless — Belt: Thrifted — Necklace: Gift from Tia!

Goooood Monday, ladies and germs and germaphobes! How about a little (very little) pattern mixing to start the week?

How was your weekend, folks? I barely got out of my pajamas, finished reading a book (review to come soon!), wrote a few letters, watched a ton of TV (King of the Hill and The IT Crowd), and ordered some concert tickets. Mike and I are going to see the Ting Tings in March! Woohoo!

I also did a little (very little) writing, both on the lesbian romance fantasy story and on the Russian-esque fantasy story. I like fantasy stories, what can I say? The progress may be slow, but at least I’m doing a little. I feel happier when I’m doing creative things, and you know, sometimes I think I might be an okay writer. I probably need way more drive and ambition if I’m ever going to be published (as I still harbor a secret hope of doing someday), but for now, if I’m just doing it for myself, that’s okay too.

Anybody else got cool projects going on lately? Tell me about them! Crafts or blogging or writing or drawing or whatever–I want to know!


10 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 1/30/12

  1. Love this mixup, lady. And bow-chicka-wow-wow (!) on the booty shot!

    I’m working on being on top of shit. Which is kind of a project? Also trying to get more experience with supporting women through birth. And I’ve been dating a lot. Weird.

    ANYWAY, I think that lesbian romance fantasy story sounds like the BEST THING EVER. I’m rooting for you on that one, yo! Mostly because I want to reap the benefits of all of your effort. Muahahaha!

  2. I’m loving your red hair. Also those pants are probably my favorite thing in the known universe.

    I’m going to go peep your lesbian romance fantasy thing since I have the link to it right now.

  3. Becky Shelley says:

    whats keeping me busy ??? you already know the answer to that ! Your dress for the wedding currently ! soon to be Erin’s, then Tia’s and I ‘ll hold mine til last. I wish I were as brave as you, I was raised with a father who hated patterns , the thought of mixing gives me major anxiety! So kudos to you! Hope to see you soon for Maid of Honor dress Hemming!

  4. Mmmmm best pants in the world. Absolutely love them.

    I’ve been busy reading…just finished Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” last night and now on to read “Doctor Zhivago”…I’m so excited.

    ❤ Cambria

  5. rubybastille says:

    High five for writing! I’ve been drawn back to a YA Miyazaki/classic-hero-quest thing I started a while ago and it feels good to be working on it again.

  6. The hair! And I love this necklace. I’m in the middle of reading every single blog post on Copyblogger, redesigning my blog, and trying to become a better writer. All at the same time.

    I’ll let you know how they all work out, ahaha.

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