Outfit Post: 2/2/2012

Sweater: Goodwill — Long-sleeved tee: Old Navy — Skirt: Gift — Tights: Target — Shoes: Thrifted (Born) — Necklace: Hand-me-down — Earrings: Target

Hey, folks! Wow, I don’t know why exactly, but I am super zonked and can’t think of anything to say. Maybe I used up all my words yesterday?

I have been feeling wretchedly tired for a good portion of this week, probably due (as usual) to poor sleep habits. We’ll see if I can manage an early bedtime tonight and feel more up to blogging tomorrow, but until then, here are a few Recent Mia Facts:

+ I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night making this dish for myself, just ‘cuz. (And ‘cuz I had a lamb shank waiting to be eaten in the freezer.) Kind of a pain, but totally worth it.

+ I’m currently reading The Remedy, by Michelle Lovric, and A Drowned Maiden’s Hair: A Melodrama, by Laura Amy Schlitz. I still swear I’m going to write and post a review of Ginn Hale’s Wicked Gentlemen soon.

+ I’m still writing letters! So far I’ve sent missives to Missouri, Irvine, Maryland, Washington, and Florida. Next up: Colorado, New York, France, England, and Ireland, oh man. Thanks to everybody who emailed me about getting a letter–this is so much fun, for realsies. Anybody who hasn’t but wants to, please do! Pinky-swear I won’t come find your house and watch you through the air vents, I’m waaaaay too lazy for that.

7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/2/2012

  1. Your tag does not lie – those are some crazy big earrings! I like ’em!

    And I really like that I see “next up: Colorado…” on your to-do list. Huzzah!

  2. Tights twins!!! I should pair mine with green and black too πŸ˜€

    And eeee, I’m ‘France’ right?!! I’m so excited about getting your letter!!!

    • Mia says:

      You are France! I’ve got it all written, I just need to take it and the letters to Ireland and England to the mail room so that I get the right postage on them. πŸ˜€

  3. Those earring are like Tyra Banks – totally cray-cray. But I love them so much.

    Also, that your tights. match. your. hair.

    Do I get a letter? I want a letter!

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