Outfit Post: 2/5/12

I’ve been thinking about this color combination ever since I saw Rachel over at Darling Autodidact’s post using teal and red. I wore this to go to my artist’s co-op and an IKEA date with Braden, so I wanted to be comfy and darling. So sweater tights and boots it is!

So here’s the detail on this shirt that I promised you guys the last time I wore this tunic. I love, love, love this little button. I don’t know why it delights me so much, but it really does.

I also got a few things to do something I have been meaning to do for a while: I got a second hanging closet organizer from IKEA and then immediately fixed my closet up.

Check it guys: color organized. The top left corner is normal sweaters and flannels, bottom right is argyle sweaters. Everything else is by color, except the one multi-color box on the second right. Yes, this is just my collection of tops. Two things are really clear to me from this: one – I have ooooodles of blue, and actually considerably less purple than I had thought.

Guys, I have an organized closet. I hope I can keep it like that for a long time. Of course, my skirts and pants are all still scrambled up in a drawer and not organized at all. One small victory for the day though!

I didn’t actually sort through my stuff while I was putting things away, just went by color. I do need to weed it down a little bit, primarily from the blue section if I can. Have you guys ever had the impulse to clean your entire closet out? Did you ever follow through?


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/5/12

  1. Hooray teal and red! Love your take on it– and the neckline on that shirt is excellent. Organizing by colors using those hanging closet organizers is a great idea for those of us who, uh, don’t have the patience to make things fit in drawers.

    I am so fascinated with this combination– and my closet is so replete with these colors at present– that I could go for a week wearing just these colors. Perhaps it’s a challenge!

    • That’d be great! I wonder if anyone would notice that your color palatte had become more limited. 😀 (the whole drawers thing is the exact reason all my shirts are in the hanging organizers. XD)

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