Outfit Post: 2/4/12

Top: Goodwill (Old Navy) — Blazer: Ross — Shorts: Old Navy [enshortened by me] — Belt: Thrifted — Tights: Target — Shoes: Payless — Pin: Goodwill — Earrings: Vendor on campus

These tights are a bit sheerer than I thought originally, aren’t they? Ah, well. I had originally planned to wear a thicker pair but it was just too dang nice that weekend–I was almost too warm as it was, with the tights and the jacket.

It makes me laugh when I see other bloggers (like Caitlin) who can go around in short sleeves and no tights in winter despite living in way colder climates than I do. Does that tell you something about my personal temperature preferences? As I’ve mentioned before, I just–cold! I cannot handle! Not even a little! So I tend to bundle up anytime it’s even the slightest bit chilly, and manage through the hot summer months by remembering just how unhappy the cold makes me, no matter how sweaty and gross I get in July.

Also, you may recognize these shorts as a new incarnation of these trousers; my bike bit a hole in the calf and they were getting a bit worn through anyhow, so I cut the legs off. I may have made them a bit too short for how formfitting they are, but whatever. I wore them on errands and nobody denounced me as a harlot, so I’m probably fine.

Also, I took my new friends along on errands too! I found this pin, with its funny little matryoshka doll figurines, at Goodwill, and you can bet I snapped that baby up for all of $1.50. It’s a bit large, though, so I’ve been toying with the idea of wearing one or two on a necklace sometimes. I do like them all together like this, though. I think my favorite is the largest, the man of the house; he’s really got a lovely beard and eyelashes, don’t you think?


5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/4/12

  1. Matryoshka pin! That thing is just amazing.

    Also, you and your great fear of cold. It’s adorbs. You probably, for all that I want you to, should not come here. Or maybe then you would adapt? I don’t know.

    Your DIY chop job looks fine and dandy and not at all too short to me. :3

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