Outfit Post: 2/9/12 and EBEW: Pink + Red

Top: Goodwill (Wet Seal) — Camisole: Hand-me-down — Pants: Express — Shrug: Goodwill — Shoes: Thrifted (Naturalizer) — Watch: Hand-me-down — Earrings: Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day and EBEW, everybody! This time around the majority voted for the theme to be “pink and red,” which I don’t think is a color combination I’ve really done before! I hunted high and low in my closet for garments that would work, and eventually came up with what you see here.

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure I was 100% sold on this when I threw it on in the morning, even after settling on it the night before. Was the shrug plus sleeves too much? Would I look weird? Despite my love for looking silly, there’s an important distinction between intentional silliness and that of the unintentional variety, and I’m not particularly fond of the latter. Plus, Mike told me that my shrug looked like a grandma sweater. (Though, to be fair, he says that about anything cable-knit.)

Nevertheless, I sallied forth and bopped around at work with my grandma shrug and sheer, ruffly-sleeved top like nothing was unusual. (It helps that I love these pants and how they make my legs look about four million miles long; throwing a comfort item into an otherwise-unusual outfit helps with the occasional jitters, I find.) And you know what? Nobody gave me any crap about it. In fact, I got a compliment or two, and a coworker who knows Mike told me to tell him that he’s a goober with no fashion sense.

Which, you know: true. But I’ll try not to rub it in.

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear


7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/9/12 and EBEW: Pink + Red

  1. Hahahaha. Having coworkers that can tell you that Mike is a goober is super useful. I love the ruffly sleeves so very much.

    Also, I totally forgot EBEW again. Whoooops. Something about being three-four days behind on google reader really screws that up.

  2. It’s definitely NOT too much. Also, there are some seriously stylish old ladies out there. Any group who has perfected the art of the cable knit sweater is a personal hero. So, bang up job with the outfit!!!!! The Potato Gods approve.

  3. Those sleeves are fantastical! Also your legs do, in fact, look 90 squillion miles long. That seems a little unfair, since you have those sleeves as well…

  4. Pink and red isn’t something I’ve done before either, but I did it… and have no photos because my 50mm lens is dead. I was right, I did get a bad one 😦 I actually like pink and red way more than I thought I would, and I really love this top. The color is a really perfect red.

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