Rock Star Post: 2/10/12

Braden had another assignment, in which he needed to have epic lens flare, and in his mind, that meant the set-up needed to be like a rock star on stage. Who did he choose to be a rock star? Oh, just me and my epic hair. I actually brought product with me so that I could have the true cockatiel flip going on here. It would require some crazy product to keep it like that for anything other than the twenty or so minutes that I managed to keep it up for shooting.

So, mostly, the moral of this post is: having an awesome photographer as a fiance totes kicks ass. One of the things that has helped me tremendously to see how bad ass I am is seeing how bad ass Braden sees me. While my ultimate goal is to be entirely internally driven with my self confidence, things like this help so much.

I mean, as objectively as possible, I look at those pictures and see a pretty hot chick! Even when I look at them with my own critical eye, the worst I see is the tension across the stomach in the vest. I’m fighting past the whole feeling of tooting my own horn to say these nice things about myself because I forget to do so so very often. I am a pretty neat person! With really cool hair! And a banging bod, even if it doesn’t fit the stereotype of beauty proposed to us by the media.

I totally encourage you to find that picture that forces you to see yourself for the totally awesome person you are, right now. Not the awesome person you used to be, but the one you are, in this moment. If you can’t find that picture, find someone who knows you super well and likes you. Ask them to take the picture. Oooor come to Chicago and let Braden take your picture. Y’know. One of those.

This concludes today’s episode of Tia’s ego is ginormous and she firmly believes that everyone needs to let an awesome photographer take a picture of them at least once in their life.


7 thoughts on “Rock Star Post: 2/10/12

  1. Rock star is absolutely right! Braden is lucky to have a kickass model, and you look like you could conquer the world.

    I love the idea of everyday-badassery-as-illuminated-by-photos-of-people-being-themselves. Er, that is, the nicest photos I have of myself are from my wedding, and it sort of makes me feel, “Oh, I can only be pretty when I’ve put this much effort in controlling my appearance.” Rubbish, right? Rubbish.

  2. HAha. I LOVE it! You GOTTA be your own fan. That’s just the way it is. Otherwise, no fun. And we want the fun!
    I’m gonna look for super cool picture that makes me see me for my awesome self. I shall post it too. 🙂
    And yeah, you the bomb. WITH kickass hair!

  3. Mia says:

    Rooty toot toot indeed! Ugh, we’re so so programmed to both hate our bodies and never, ever be vocally proud of ourselves, so it’s extra-hard to stop and be like, “yeah, I’m hot.” Good on you for taking the time to acknowledge your greatness!

  4. inspiredwishjewellery says:

    Wow! …oh wait one moment… okay back, just had to add you to my blog roll, you’re freakin awesome! I am loving the photo, your attitude, your honesty, your look. Very cool.

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