Loads of Links 2/27/12

Hey, friends! I’m afraid that my blog posts might be a little scarce for the next week or so, as my computer’s hard drive started making ominous clicking noises when I tried to process some photos on Friday and Mike wants me to leave it off until he has the time to look at things and possibly move over all my important data and install a new hard drive. (Living with an IT guy definitely has its advantages sometimes.) Until such time as my poor sweet Macbook can come back to me, here are a few fun links that I’ve been enjoying recently!

+ The Hairpin does it again, with Really Good Books About Lesbians. I’ve been mining the comments for reading ideas, and maybe some of you folks have additional recommendations? (Also good Hairpin reading material: Romance-Novel Sentence Diagrams. I have never diagrammed a sentence in my life, but you can’t say these aren’t hilarious.)

+ It’s been around for a while now, but I’ve been really enjoying the (NSFW) tumblr Unfuck Your Habitat as cheerfully forceful motivation to keep my house at least an eensy-weensy bit tidier. Plus, the moderator has an excellent collection of “congratulations/huzzah/good on you” GIFs.

+ Another tumblr that’s been around for a while? Reasoning With Vampires. Dana has been going over the Twilight books with a fine-toothed comb, giving the series the editor’s eye that she feels it lacks. The concept sounds malicious, but really, she’s thoughtful and detailed and, yes, occasionally exasperated.

+ Look, look! Reading in Skirts blogfriend Erin has a book blog now! And it’s awesome.

+ Who wants a freakishly expensive Icelandic blanket? Mia wants a freakishly expensive Icelandic blanket. (Although I’ll settle for a freakishly expensive Icelandic scarf! Hey, my half-birthday’s coming up, who wants to give me something?)

+ Sometimes–just sometimes–the Sherlock fandom makes me nearly cry with laughter. (Okay, maybe more than just sometimes. Sherlock + A Softer World = brilliance.)

Toodle-oo until tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Loads of Links 2/27/12

  1. HOW DID YOU KNOW. I am in love both with The Hairpin AND UfYH. (I’m on a 15 minute break from a 45 ‘actually do things’ block right nooow.) Between A Clean Person and UfYH, the bed has actually been made for the past week, and even the husband’s getting with the program! It’s exciting, and I’m using small chunks of time + frequent breaks to make myself do actual work, too.

    Icelandic sheep are the best sheep. Did you know their coats have two different sorts of hair? You can separate the wiry outer coat out from the fluffy inner coat to get especially rugged/cuddly garments, or just spin them into yarn together. But shoot… Icelandic blanket costs half of what a flight TO Iceland would cost. Viking holiday? Oh yeah.

    *vanishes back into the mists of Getting Things Done*

  2. These are all stellar. Reasoning with Vampires is hilarious, but I can still only read about ten lines of Twilight before I think I’m going to toss the book/computer/kindle across the room.

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