Outfit Post: 3/26/12

Sweater: Goodwill (Express) — Blazer: Goodwill — Skirt: Gift — Tights: From my friend Leah’s free pile — Flats: Thrifted (Born) — Necklace: Fable and Fury

Can you guys tell that I got a haircut the day before I took these pictures? Actually, Mike and I went and saw Tia’s mom for haircuts the night of my last post, but I put my hat back on and forgot about it. Whatever are we going to do with me? I ask you this.

Anyhow, other exciting things have happened with my hair since that day, but you’ll have to wait ’til Monday to see! (See, see how I keep you coming back. This, truly, is the unfailing mark of a great blogger.)

Tom Waits came along for the ride, too! I’m a bit disappointed, because the chain of this necklace has rather quickly been losing its black paint, and (although you can’t see it in these pictures) has adopted a rather tarnished appearance. I may have to buy some spray paint and just do a quick home fix; we can’t have Tom looking shabby! (Not that anybody at work ever knows who he is. I’ve given up explaining any time someone comments on it, because I inevitably get a blank stare.)

Hey! For funsies, let’s send Friday out with a song from the man in the hat himself:

Too fuckin’ right.

Catching Up (Soon)

Hey all! I’ve been really out of the loop lately. I keep trying to come back, but I’ve been fairly unsuccessful. Not because I haven’t been working on my outfit building, but because taking pictures has seemed like an enormous burden lately( which makes so little intellectual sense to me, but is just the way it’s been). I’m hosting a swap at my place this Sunday though, which will hopefully gain me both pictures and plenty of inspiration for taking pictures!

I’m also writing this super short text update to let y’all know about a very cheap anthology that you might want to read if you like fantasy and/or unicorns! I don’t know much about Saucy Ink, except that Braden’s best friend writes there, and is included in this anthology that I haven’t even read yet. Saucy Chronicles I: The Unicorns is available for just $2 on amazon though, so we should all check it out together! I’m even going to lead a webchat for those folks interested in participating on Thursday, April 5 at 8pm CST. I’ll post the link to the chat that evening. If a bunch of you who are interested can’t make it at that time though, pipe up now and we’ll try and find a better time for as many people as possible.

Hopefully, between now and then, I’ll also be posting and getting back into the swing of things. Thanks for your patience folks!

Outfit Post: 3/22/12

Top: Goodwill — Denim jacket: Gift — Camisole: Old Navy — Skirt: Handmade — Boots: Thrifted — Flower pin: Handmade — Earrings: Gift

Okay, so, I promise you guys that I didn’t wear this skirt two days in a row. I just got lazy for a bunch of days and didn’t take any pictures, and the next time I did it was mysteriously Handmade Skirt Time again! The weather’s been kind of weird lately, fluctuating between overcast/rainy and warm–but the warm days aren’t quite warm enough to go bare-legged, but are too warm for a proper pair of tights, and grumblemumble I end up making strange compromises like lots of pants-wearing and long skirts with no tights. This outfit was mostly the product of what-isn’t-foul-and-already-in-the-laundry-hamper, and while it’s a little goofy, it’s not too bad.

Plus, you know, I took my denim jacket out for a spin. I’ve had this one for a while–my stepmom gave it to me as a gift a few years back–and I frequently waffle regarding it. It’s not a natural choice for me, and there are a few things I wish about it: I wish it were a bit shorter, I wish it had at least a few fewer zippers, etc. It is kind of fun, though, although the zipper teeth like to grab my glasses chain and yank it all around, which isn’t so great.

Back to the topic of strange compromises–the night before I wore this outfit, Tia and I were chatting, and I ended up giving her an outfit prompt to encourage her to get back into taking pictures and blogging about them. I maaaay or may not have given her a prompt that I know she has trouble with, but it was just to help her stretch her style-blogging wings, I swear! Anyway, to return the favor, she gave me an outfit prompt back, and it was an interesting one: “Your command is to wear something in a way not intended by its creator.”

Hm! I thought. This is actually something that I have trouble with myself, and unfortunately I don’t have any cardigans that I could wear backwards and call it done. So, naturally, I turned to cheating.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t call it cheating. Rather, I stretched the boundaries of the challenge. I did what she said to do, technically! Just in a way that was easier for me: by pairing two mismatched earrings. I lost the other Allosaurus earring a while ago, and the match to the little green gecko has had all his green rubbed off. They seem like good pals, after all that, and I added some green hints to the outfit (the flower pin on the hat, a green bracelet that you conveniently can’t see here) to try and make the whole thing feel more cohesive.

So, how about it, folks? Anybody else want to give me an outfit prompt so you can see how I cheat my way around it?

Outfit Post: 3/15/12

Top: Goodwill (Heritage 1981) — Cardigan: Goodwill (Talbot’s) — Skirt: Handmade — Boots: Macy’s — Tights: Spanx — Earrings: Target

I keep saying I’m going to make another skirt or twelve like this one, but I never do. I really should, though; it’s dead easy (four panels of two fabrics in large trapezoids, sewn together with elastic at the waist) and comfy as hell, and even though I made this one with cheap Walmart broadcloth (yeah, yeah, I know, I was a poor high-schooler) at least eight years ago now, it shows nary a rip, tear, or hole, and it’s exceptionally comfortable. Except for when I roll up the end in one of my desk chair wheels, but that’s not the skirt’s fault.

And I only had to wait seven years for it to become trendy! Well, sort of, anyway. It’s not exactly the hottest style of maxi/midi-length skirt out there, but whatever. I’ll pretend I’m trendy and you can’t stop me.

Plus, you know, ridiculous tassel earrings. They count for something, right?

(P.S. I put up a new post at Nisaba Be Praised yesterday! Go read about the literature of Laos! At least, the little bit I was able to find after a few hours of research.)

Outfit Post: 3/14/12 (Plus Ting Tings Mini-Review)

Button-front: Goodwill — Skirt: Old (Kathie Lee) — Tights: We ❤ Colors — Boots: Macy’s — Suspenders: Thrifted — Hat: Macy’s

Some days, you just feel like wearing a ton of maroon. Sometimes those days are rainy, so you get to use your (crappy, broken) umbrella as a photo prop. Ya feel me?

I’m slowly catching up with the photos that aggregated while I was unable to upload them to my laptop. (Good news: the problem that was happening before isn’t happening anymore! The hard drive is still probably dying a slow death, but at least I can connect the camera to the poor baby without said poor baby completely freezing up.)

Tip of the hat to you all, ladies and gents.

Bonus round: Mike and I went to see the Ting Tings on Sunday! I have no outfit picture from that day because my outfit was tremendously boring, but I do have one Bigfoot-quality picture of Katie, the “she” of the duo, courtesy of my new fancier phone:

You’ll have to take my word for it, I guess.

Anyhow, it was an excellent show! There was lots of energy and fancy lighting, and they both did a mighty fine job of making me enjoy myself, and making the 12:00am trip back to the Valley afterwards worth it. Katie in particular put on quite a fine show for someone who’d had major surgery nine days before the show. (“And you can keep my appendix, America!” she yelled at one point.) Truth time: there is one dancer and one dancer only on this blog, and it ain’t me. Dancing just doesn’t hold the same appeal for me as it does for Tia, although I do enjoy feeling the music, and I can get a mean groove on while standing in one place. Nevertheless, the Ting Tings made me feel like dancing, or at least bopping enthusiastically in place, and I did so with vigor.

If you haven’t heard their music and like dancey, poppy, high-energy stuff, you should check them out:

Their new CD Songs From Nowheresville dropped in the US recently, and it has a bit more stylistic variety than their previous album We Started Nothing, due to the band’s mixtape concept for the album; for me, that means it’s a bit more hit-and-miss, although the tracks that worked for me are stronger and more thoughtful than the pretty consistent goodness of We Started Nothing. Particular favorites, in case you’re curious: “Hit Me Down, Sonny,” “Give It Back,” “Soul Killing,” and “One By One.” “Hang It Up” is pretty good, but feels more like a track from We Started Nothing. (I do kind of wish that they’d been more serious about calling the second album Cocks after the record label rejected the early title of Kunst; as a title, “Songs From Nowheresville” is pretty dullsville.)

All in all, good music for having a weekend cleaning/dance party by yourself, or for some other kind of party with maybe more people. (Those kinds of parties exist? Pssht. Don’t tell me lies. Now hand me the broom and get outta here.)

Outfit Post: 3/9/12

Tunic: Threadless — Leggings: Target — Socks: Target — Shoes: Payless — Camisole: Old Navy

What do we have here? Travel clothing! While a close-fitting tunic and leggings aren’t the most flattering ensemble for my body type (emphasizing the disparity between my hips and chest and further elongating my already-long torso), this sort of outfit is suuuuper comfy for traveling; in this particular case, for sitting in a car for eight hours to drive down to Irvine, like my friend Tito and I did a few weekends ago! We were mega-jazzed to visit a good friend and book club alum down there, I tell you what.

(The swan was excited, too.)

And, surprise surprise, we had a hella good time! Lots of fantastic food and conversation, and many “if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is” moments. Plus, Irvine’s farmer’s market is waaaay nicer than our local one, which–what the hell! I don’t live in the Central Valley, basket of agriculture, for nothing! Get it together, local farmer’s market guys. I want way more broccoli sprouts available when I stop by next Sunday.

At least we don’t have people who think they’re funny. (I vacillate between chortling and scoffing at this picture, so make of that what you will.)

And, um, I’d say we have better spellers, but we really don’t. (I’m looking at you, bakery stand employee who sold us “banna bread” a few months ago.)

But I’ll let that all go because what we ended up with was one heck of a beach-picnic lunch. Chicken sausages, Braunschweiger, goat’s-milk gouda, mushroom brie, a sourdough baguette, three different spreads (namely: artichoke and spinach, baba ghanoush, and sundried tomato), and three or four varieties of not-pictured-here dried dates, including one kind that tasted, I kid you not, like roses and champagne. Oh, and some pita chips that remained unopened because everything else was so. Damn. Good. Yowza. I gotta say, this is making the slightly withered navel oranang orange on my desk look pretty sorry right about now…

Outfit Post: 3/7/12

Button-front: Goodwill — Skirt: Gift –Belt: Target — Tights: Target — Flats: Goodwill (Target) — Scarf: Thrifted — Earrings: Gift

Ooooh, girl! [/RuPaul voice] Sorry about the funky quality of the pictures today; I’ve been all excited about it being light when I get home from work, and I ended up taking pictures this day when it was still too bright and the sunlight started harshing my buzz.

I need to learn how natural light works again, apparently. If I can trick Michael into bringing his camera to work again like he used to, we’ll start taking pictures on campus, but until then it might be back to the backyard for me. Yee-haw!

Oh, man. I had this silk butterfly scarf for…a while…before finally busting it out and wearing it to work. I do this with scarves, apparently! I MUST HAVE THEM ALL and then they pile up and I forget about them. It’s a conscious effort to pick one out. This time, though, I grabbed the scarf and styled the outfit around it, which tends to work better than the other way around. (I also unashamedly wore butterfly earrings to go with my butterfly scarf. I’M NOT SORRY.)

See? Pretty. I tried to take a close-up picture so any butterfly experts out there (*cough*) would be able to say whether the butterflies on this scarf are true-to-life varieties, but it got all grainy and gross-looking so I chucked it. (The picture, not the scarf.) Next time! Next time I will remember How Camera Works.

As an aside, happy Friday! What have you got going on this weekend? Oh, is that so? Mm, sounds like fun! Me, I’ve got a brunchy book club in Berkeley on Saturday, and Mike and I are going to see the Ting Tings on Sunday. Oughter be fun! (Plus, we’re having a welcome-baby thing for one of my coworkers today at lunchtime, which means free food. Get it!)

Have a great weekend, monsters and monsteresses!