Tia and the Art Building

Guys, I’m sorry I disappeared. I’ve had photos, sort of. Like these pictures are from like two weeks ago, but time has been…elusive lately.

Braden and I went to the art building at my school, where I’ve been spending my Monday and Wednesday mornings to take pictures, because there are so many cool features in the building.

Like this crazy stairwell that I go down every day that they’ve basically allowed to become a graffiti haven. It’s amazing. I absolutely love it.

Other things I love? Pairing my new hat with with my grey skirt and looking hotsome.

Unfortunately, y’all should probably continue to not be surprised by my sporadic posting. I’m going to try, desperately, to get back on track. But this semester has been full of crazy, and March is about to get much worse. Dancing all the places, and weeeeddddddinnngbrain.

Oh, we should talk about wedding brain soon. I’ll try and do that next time. *headesplode*


10 thoughts on “Tia and the Art Building

  1. D says:

    I like the terms hotsome and headesplode- I need to start using those. Love the outfit, you are fabulous! Also, I think everyone should take time to dance at all the places. I’m officially jealous. I used to lindy hop until derby Ate My Life.

  2. I love the entire hout-fit. Yeah, that means hot outfit. Yeah, I copywrighted that ish.

    Tell us more about the weddiiiiing! Maybe you did, and I missed it? When? Where? and stuffs.

    • I’m so using hout-fit now. :3

      I think I’ve mentioned it a bit before. I’m doing a small park wedding potluck picnic. :3 In California…in…2.5 months! O_O Oh geesh. It’s coming soon. I’ll definitely share a bunch of pictures as we get closer. :3

  3. Mia says:

    Man, that is some fuckin’ cool graffiti. I want to go take outfit pictures at the park tomorrow. Somewhere, anywhere that isn’t my kitchen. (P.S. You look great. But you know that!)

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