Tia and a Seamless Background

Braden had to shoot in front of a seamless background for an assignment a while back, so I busted out the dress that Mia thrifted for me and trucked on down to the studio. Only a little bit of photoshoppery was required to remove the line from the reflective panel I saw standing on…otherwise, this is largely what the scene looked like. :3

So…I have juggling sticks and make faces when I get bored. Ahur. And I always get bored during photoshoots, because I have the attention span of a very young person.

Some siloetteing with just a blue light on my left side.

Also! This outfit was an experiment in subtle pattern mixing. Both the dress and the tights are patterned, but because the tights pattern is brown on brown, I felt it was just right for a pattern-mixing newb like me.

And boom. Those are some powerful legs there. We’ve talked briefly about my relationship with my legs in the past. I’d like to add that without the distraction of skin tone, I find my legs very aesthetically pleasing. XD Especially my calves. I just need to work on appreciating them when not in shadow too!


9 thoughts on “Tia and a Seamless Background

  1. First thing I thought when I saw the first pic was: Cooool outfit. Looove the pattern mix. So good job on that!
    Y’all make a great team, y’know. Love the pictures. And yeah… Your legs are pretty awesome.

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