Outfit Post: 2/24/12

Blazer: Goodwill — Tank top: Goodwill — Pants: Thrifted — Shoes: Payless — Bracelet: Hand-me-down — Necklace: DIY (based on a design from Little Treasures by TG)

Let’s give Tia’s hair a round of applause! That cut and color is double-sweet and I couldn’t be more envious. Man! (Although…some restructuring has gone down at my job, so pink hair might be a possibility again in the future? I’m not going to count on it, but maaaaybe.)

In other news, I wore some clothing to work last month. Some clothing, yes, but mostly this necklace. “What a…necklace that is!” You say. “Yes!” I say. “If only you would ask me to tell you more!” “Welllll, I was going to go have a sandwich or roll some socks, but why don’t you tell me more?” You say. Thanks for asking!

I made it! Myself! I’m still super excited about this because anybody who knows me knows I haven’t got the greatest fine motor skills in the world, and I’m also not a very patient person, so usually crafty-type stuff ends up being nothing more than a beautiful dream. This time, though, I had inspiration. See, there’s this necklace on Etsy…:

Beautiful! Am I wrong? I love it, but real watermelon tourmaline just isn’t in my budget. So a couple of weekends ago I set out to the local Michaels with dear friend Tito in tow, and picked up some basic jewelry-making notions that I thought I would need from eyeballing the original design and a bunch of Swarovski crystals to try and replicate the effect. And I made me a necklace!

And then, of course, I contacted the original necklace’s maker, Tanya, to see if she would clear my use of her design to be on the blog. On-the-cheap copycat DIY tutorials are all over the place these days, and I mostly have no beef with the ones that are replicating super-expensive jewelry sold by major retailers like Anthropologie or what have you, but when it’s one person or a small business that you’re cribbing, it seems only fair to get the other person’s OK on the matter.

Tanya was gracious and said all right, so here we are! It’s pretty obvious that my necklace is a discount version of the original design–as pretty as crystals are, they aren’t on the same level as tourmaline, and if you look at what I made up close there are some goofy spots. But it’s not too bad for a first try, and I feel pretty pleased with myself. I’m impressed with all you folks out there who make and sell stuff on a large or even medium scale, I gotta say; the necklace was fun in a one-off kind of way, but I think I would throw down my new needlenose pliers in disgust if I had to keep a store stocked full of ’em.

Have you made anything pretty lately?


8 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/24/12

  1. Orange and grey look so fab together on you, and I’m still searching for a blazer that I can look awesome in like you look awesome in this.

    I’m so impressed by your necklace! It’s super gorgeous, and you did a great job of lining it up all pretty. Yay Mia!

  2. You have made me like orange. (In a pretty on someone else way, not in a way that I would let the demon color on my skin way, but still.) I salute you, madam cutie-pie!

  3. I want this outfit. Still haven’t bought anything orange though. You did an awesome job with the necklace. Tourmaline isn’t actually that expensive though (especially if you can get it from a wholesaler) so maybe sometime it might be in your future!

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