Tia and Mia Take a Look and Do It Together: John Watson Edition

Dun-dun-duuuuun! It’s already (past) that time again, y’alls! Tia and I have once more done our she wore-she wore outfits! And this time…it’s not even based on a real person.

That’s right, guys: we decided to dress like Dr. John Watson.

To refresh your memories:

Right. That Dr. John Watson. (Okay, so the third one is just Martin Freeman being Martin Freeman. So sue me.)

First up are my pictures, with Tia commenting! Take it away, Tia!

I feel like Mia is the clear and concise winner of this particular look. That hat! The matching trench! The turned up jeans that are apparently for the giant cloned version of Mia we will never meet! She’s so dapper! Despite perhaps being built to be the Sherlock to my Watson, she does a mean Watson all of herself. And conveniently, she is exactly Martin Freeman’s height. We looked it up. Or something?

The wide stripes too. Oh man. No one does pseudo-cross-dressing like Mia does. And that wry expression is so very Watson-like. I love too that the coat hides any womanly curves, effectively one-upping the score to Mia: 1 Billion Watsons.

Even without the coat though, she’s still so dapper. Aaah! Seeing her dappertude has reminded me that I need to do some more dapper dude dressing again. Also, I gotta say, I’m glad I impulse stopped at Payless when Mia was out here and she ended up with those oxfords. They work so perfectly for this ensemble.

Don’t be sad down Mia-Watson! Even though Sherlock season 3 is so very far away and all we have is fandom to hold us until then, it won’t be so bad! Surely something will keep us company! For me, I’ve been getting my Brit-fix catching up on Misfits which is AMAZING by the by. I’m sure Mia has her own ways of dealing with the utter sadness of waiting for more Sherlock.

And now over to Mia:

Thanks, Tia! I think you done good, too. One thing I love about Tia is how she regularly shows that you don’t have to have an androgynous body shape in order to make menswear werrrrrk for you. She looks consistently awesome in collared shirts and masculine clothing, and I dig it! I know that, myself, I feel weird sometimes trying to make menswear work for me since I have a distinctly curvy lower half–but seriously, when I see it on Tia I’m reminded that menswear is awesome on any body type! It’s just a matter of finding garments cut right for you.

She does a darn fine hedgehog impression, too.

Tia may be wearing all neutrals, but the brown and green are so rich and pretty! This outfit reminds me a bit of John’s date outfit in “The Blind Banker”–I think he has a brown blazer and a striped button-front there. (Forgive my useless memory; as a recreational costumer, character outfit details frequently stick in my brain where people’s phone numbers should go.)  She may not have gotten her date almost killed the day she wore this outfit, but I bet she had plenty of adventures nevertheless.

Until next time, folks! And remember, we believe in Sherlock Holmes!


5 thoughts on “Tia and Mia Take a Look and Do It Together: John Watson Edition

  1. YAY! John-dressing! It’s like cross-dressing but BETTER. If you guys do another dressed like Sherlock, my love for you both will never die…

    Also, Moriarty is real.

  2. You guys, these are awesome! The Watson inspiration is obvious in both. I never really thought about it before, but I generally -do- assume that menswear-styled looks are only for the curveless, which is manifestly untrue!

    (But seriously, Martin Freeman is as tall as Mia? I’m already thinking of him as hobbit-height. AND BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH BEING SMAUG. Okay, okay. I’m done. No more Tolkien-spewing for today.)

  3. Have I mentioned that I love the two of you, lately? ‘Tis true, ’tis true.

    P.S. Benedict Cumberbatch is the most should-be-made-up British name EVAH.

  4. I haven’t watched this series that apparently is amazing since all of my favorite bloggers love it, however I am a true appreciator of androgynous dressing, and holy hawtness y’all are looking dapper indeed! Also this is the best blog series I’ve seen… love how you describe each other’s looks 🙂 You two are too fucking cute!

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