Outfit Post: 3/7/12

So, this outfit is a little mis-matchy, but I’m okay with that. I’ve told y’all before that I struggle to pair these pants with anything other than red tops, so this is what happens when I force myself to do something different. I liked the overall look though, and tried to stifle my inner color matcher.

These pants are sort of the perfect metaphor for my day. They’ve been safety pin-hemmed for so long that I’m pretty sure I’m not fixing it. Similarly, I’ve been unproductive at work for so long, I no longer feel the desire to get back into it. It’s a really terrible mindset. I’m going to try and get things done tomorrow, because I’m so very close on so many of my little projects.

Also, a secret: new hairstyle holds up to not-showering after gelling it one night. For instance: this is actually day 2 for this product because I managed to sleep in until 8:15am…you know, the time that I am normally leaving the house. Whoops. Way to be on it.

Despite getting off to a rocky start, today still felt better than a lot of days recently. I’ve had some rocky emotional stuff that hasn’t been the easiest to manage as of late, but today was just dandy.

Aaah this vest. It’s definitely one of the most expensive and yet still best pieces I’ve ever picked up thrifting.

Also, these suckers are back at Payless for Spring. I was so excited to see them back again. I snatched them right up! Hurray for easy flats!


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