This Just In: Mia Likes Music

Hey, babes and baberinos! Good Monday! For those of you who also live in the ridiculous places where we arbitrarily time travel twice a year, you have my grumpy, sleep-deprived sympathies. Let’s all move to Arizona.

Now, I don’t have an outfit post for y’all today, but I DO have some sweet tunes to share. Ever since I changed jobs here at work, I’m actually able to listen to music at my desk–and since I have been doing so with much enthusiasm, I decided that I wanted to take a few minutes to yammer on about some awesome musicians with whom you may not be familiar.

First up we’ve got Judith and Holofernes, a San Francisco-based band whose music is inspired by fado, a musical genre originating in Portugal characterized by sad or mournful music and lyrics. Mike and I got to see them play live a couple of years ago at a Zoe Boekbinder show, and they’re quite good! It’s very atmospheric, powerful stuff. When we saw them, the band members were saying that show was going to be their last and that they were calling it quits, but from the research I’ve done it appears that they’re still together and making music. Hooray for that! This song is “Throw Your Skinny Body Down.” If you follow the link above, you can listen to more songs on their blog (and you should).

Next is The Jane Austen Argument, a guy-chick duo from Melbourne of whom I am very fond. The song I’ve embedded here, “Bad Wine and Lemon Cake,” features Amanda Palmer and is on her live Australia album Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, but the original version is fantastically beautiful and sad as well. They actually just released a new album, Somewhere Under the Rainbow, and I took the liberty of purchasing it and listening to it obsessively so I could report back. For my money, the best tracks are “Song In This Book,” “Song for a Siren,” “Phoenix,” and “Holes” (which coincidentally has lyrics written by Neil Gaiman). Tom and Jen both have wonderful voices, and they’re well worth a listen. I haven’t seen them live yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Finally, I want you folks to check out The Petrojvic Blasting Company, a band that Mike and I saw a couple years back at a Monsters of Accordion performance. They play out of Los Angeles and appear to do a fair bit of touring, although I’m waiting for them to come back around the Bay Area (hopefully when they release their next album?). Their music is sort of Balkan-klezmer-Dixie-whatever, and they’re an extremely charming and infectious group that’s grown beyond the original duo of Justin and Josh that you see in the video. You can listen to some tracks from their first album, A History of Public Relations Dilemmae, on their site (I highly recommend listening to “Madame Selma” or “Sinking Ships”).

So! What have you been listening to lately?


2 thoughts on “This Just In: Mia Likes Music

  1. Erin says:

    The Civil Wars, The Milk Carton Kids (both alterna-bluegrass) and music from the Starship Potter Productions (A Very Potter Musical, Starship, etc). Oooh, and They Might Be Giants.

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