Things I Did Not Buy 3/15/12: Ring-a-Ding-Ding

Okay, y’all, so here’s the scoop. I bought my fancy new (expensive) Duo boots in January, which put me way over my monthly budget, so I resolved to go on an informal shopping ban through February and March. I’ve done well so far, in that I’ve only bought new underwear and socks. Oh, okay, and a $15 hot pink giraffe-print scarf that I couldn’t resist while shopping for the aforementioned underwear and socks. But still.

I’ve even been pretty successful at avoiding an overload of online window shopping, mostly by dint of being too busy/tired and deleting all ASOS and Old Navy emails as soon as they arrive in my inbox. Online window shopping can be a fun way to relieve stress and get a shopping fix without actually buying anything, but for the moment I’ve found that avoiding it helps me avoid thinking about clothes-shopping altogether, and I’ve been encouraged to remix my already-sizable wardrobe in more fun and interesting ways.

Occasionally, though, I go back and window-shop my window-shopping. Mainly on Etsy, where I go back and see if those things I favorited in a frenzy of material lust still make my heart twinge. Recently there have been a lot of weird and interesting rings–which is funny, because prior to a few years ago, I couldn’t stand wearing rings. They drove me nuts. Now I’m much more used to them, (even though I still leave them in the work bathroom all the time) and I can’t help but cast a wandering eye to all the beautifully-designed ones available.

It might not surprise you to know that many of these rings are animal-themed; one, because animals are hot stuff right now, and two, because when I was a little kid I was ANIMAL OBSESSED. I didn’t know how to make friends, but I knew everything there was to know about spotted hyenas! Bats remain a particular favorite even now, and although I must confess that I’m most partial to Honduran tent bats, this leaf-nosed bat ring is doubleplus awesome. (Especially since it’s so hard to find bat-themed jewelry that isn’t Halloweeny-looking, you guys. Scary/cartoony vampire bats everywhere.)

Stacking rings are also trendy, and I will admit that the skinny ones with the multicolored gemstones have me charmed, like this set of topaz stacking rings.

Combining the two trends into one dainty, adorable set of stacking rings? Be still my penguin-loving heart.

I try to be careful about what sort of wood jewelry I buy, because many specialty woods are threatened or otherwise not harvested properly. That doesn’t mean I don’t think all sorts of wood things are pretty, though, like this tulipwood ring. (I haven’t yet done any research into tulipwood, so I have no idea if it’s Problem Wood or not.)

I usually don’t think of myself as very trend-susceptible, but I keep hitting on trends in this post! Animals, stacking rings, and now skulls. And it’s an animal skull so I guess it’s another combination-trend item? I can’t figure out what material this cat-skull ring is made of, but it’s cool! The vendors also sell a very classy-looking stainless steel version, but I like the bright red, myself.

Ah, rainbows. You guys know how I feel about rainbows. This ring, set with lab-created gems (including three varieties of sapphire!) is the second-most costly of the set that I’m posting here, at just under $200 (I have expensive tastes, apparently?) but I can admire it from afar!

While I studied all sorts of animals when I was a kid, I had a particular love for and fascination with dogs, and that’s persisted even as I’ve moved away from the Wildlife Fact Files somewhat. While my childhood favorite of the AKC recognized breeds was the Bedlington terrier, I now harbor a secret desire for a borzoi, or Russian wolfhound. They’re so elegant and beautiful! This borzoi-head ring has diamond eyes, which are completely unnecessary insofar as I’m concerned, but the design is gorgeous. Sigh.

Is there anything on your “things I did not buy” list right now?


2 thoughts on “Things I Did Not Buy 3/15/12: Ring-a-Ding-Ding

  1. D says:

    OMG THE BAT RING. The bat ring and the rainbow ring are amazing. I’ll add those to the list of things I didn’t buy too. My list of things I didn’t buy is surprisingly not too out of control at the moment. It includes “things from the H&M clearance rack” (I work like, 500 feet from H&M. Not. Good.), “the pretty green Anne Taylor pencil skirt I saw a picture of once last month,” and “dresses or cardigans that are yellow.” My list isn’t very focused at the moment, because I haven’t been looking much. My personal shopping ban and lust for new wheels for my skates have kept my attention elsewhere. Derby wheels are not fashion, so in my mind they don’t count 🙂

  2. That bat ring is great! I have been doing a good job not buying shoes lately. I have fussy feet, and I feel like I have some wardrobe holes, but the fussy feet make buying shoes so time-consuming and difficult that I’ve been making do for a while. Eventually I will need to fill those wardrobe holes, but the longer I wait, the more money I have saved, right?

    But the real reason I wanted to comment is because you said “Problem Wood,” and I thought it was funny. I am extremely mature.

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