Outfit Post: 2/27/12

Long-sleeved tee: Old Navy — Button-front: Thrifted — Skirt: From my friend Leah’s free pile — Boots: WomanWithin — Belt: Thrifted — Necklace: NorCal Renaissance Faire vendor

Oh jeezy-doo, people, I’m running late today.

Well, actually, I’m running late every day, I just usually hide it better than this.

But look! I finally paid off sweet-talked Michael into giving me a bunch of backlogged outfit pictures! Score! So we’ve got kind of a romantic-ish outfit for today. I feel like this floaty pink top adds romance to anything, really.

Then the renfaire necklace just punches things up to the next level.

I’m glad this picture turned out so that you can’t see how old and washed-out and pillified this long-sleeved tee is…I really need to get a new one. It’s kind of alarming how much of a staple it’s been in my outfits for the last four years. I guess it brings out the beatnik in me.

I feel like my main strategy in life is trying to trick everyone–including myself–into thinking I’m more competent/organized/together than I really am, because maybe one day that will actually be the case. On the other hand, my true nature tends to shine through, and I think everybody who knows me knows that I’m really a weird scatterbrain who leaves her jewelry in the bathroom at work at least twice a week. Which I guess means that people like me or trust me to do my work anyhow? What a curious concept.


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 2/27/12

  1. OMG! I love that necklace! It’s beeeeautiful! And that skirt is crazy adorable. In fact, the whole outfit is swoon-worthy. You’re just too cute!

  2. D says:

    I think it is possible to be weird and scatterbrained and still be competent and together. Don’t sell yourself short! And the skirt looks like it has excellent twirling potential. Cute!

  3. You and I both. I try and present myself as a neater, better version of me that remembers things and gets stuff done, but the longer I’m also playing Braden’s personal organizer and the longer I have a digital calendar, the fewer things are in my actual memory and organization logs. But I feel like maybe having an additional memory to rely on is not so terrible.

    I really love the pink top. It’s so very romantic. ❤

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