Outfit Post: 3/2/12

Sweater: Goodwill (Old Navy) — Pants: Thrifted — Heels: Thrifted (Naturalizer) — Socks: Gift — Scarf: Thrifted — Bracelet and earrings: Gifts

Oh, ladies’ pants. Why must you come with such wee little pockets? They are sad and laughable, are the wee little pockets.

And the back pockets are no pockets at all! Just flaps. I know that items in pants pockets create unseemly bulges, but at least give me the choice. (You know what I’m talking about, Scotty Got an Office Job. Take it away!)

At least I have pretty Christmas-gift earrings to reassure me in this, my time of need.


3 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 3/2/12

  1. I think I now do the lady pocket speech so often that Braden has it memorized. But these pants! They are so fabulous even sans functional pockets. :3

  2. Aaaaaah that Scotty Got An Office Job thing is FANTASTIC. (The whole thing is, not just the dress pants bit, but clearly he is 120% correct about the dress pants thing.)

    I bought a pair of pants once that was misfiled, and I immediately knew they were dude pants because they had sensible pockets. Sensible pockets are clearly essential, lady-pant makers’ naysaying notwithstanding.

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