Let’s All Talk About Bras

This is my full and complete collection of bras. I share these marvelous contraptions with you today for two reasons: the first being that I went bra shopping today and bought the one on the lower right and Mia told me to write about my experience, and two because I wore jeans and a tee today and need to get back in the habit of posting.

Most of these bras were actually bought within the life time of this blog. In fact, I’m pretty sure all of them except the heavily misshapen white one at the top are less than a year old. This is largely because not too long before we started the blog, my last batch of bras unceremoniously all decided to fail at the same time. When I started shopping for bras, I dearly desired bras that were not only functional but also pretty, which was a difficult task when I first started looking.

You see, there’s this cut off line between bra-sizes-you-find-at-walmart and get thee to the internet/Victoria’s Secret/cacique/lingerie sales on ideeli. And I’ve been comfortably above that line since Braden and I started dating and I gained my happiness weight and my body changed. Largely(ahur), cute patterns are rare/more expensive/not compatible with my typical t-shirt wearing ways. But, with a little bit of skill/commitment, I’ve managed to amass a suitable collection of bras for most occasions.

I almost always seek out molded cups, not just because they’re easier to find than non-molded cups in DD and up, but also because they are sooo much better for dancing. I understand that stationary boobs are not for everyone, but it makes a huge difference in my ability to lindy hop comfortably for a bra to have a molded cup. And since I don’t even own appropriately sized sports bras, my day-to-day bras have to hold up to that.

I’ll wrap up with my experience today. I walked in to a Victoria’s Secret, and immediately spoke to a salesperson. Why? Because frankly, they are trained and know more about bras than I will ever need to. I was offered a fitting, but declined because I’d recently measured myself anyway. I then noted that I needed something with crossing straps in the back for my wedding dress, and got the little squee that I’ve come to expect from telling any lady person about my upcoming nuptials. She handed me a few options to try on, and weighed them against each other. (One didn’t come in cute colors but had a ridiculously deep plunge; the one I did get came in so many options, and had a sufficient plunge, but doesn’t have fully removable straps). I tried them on, and was utterly delighted by exactly one of my options, so I bought it.

The only downside was that the store was out of the discrete bags you can normally ask for, and as I’d already gotten my street harassment fix, I wandered to the Old Navy and got an extra large bag from the all-too-understanding (male!) cashier to hide my stupid hot pink bag in.

Let’s hear your fun/terrible/heartening/blood-boiling stories about bras in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Let’s All Talk About Bras

  1. I often do not find Victoria’s Secret sales people to be very knowledgeable about bras. Their cup sizing does not go very high, but they always try to stick me into a DD cup with a larger band than I need. Many times, the models in their commercials aren’t even wearing the right size!

    I don’t have an issue with VS bras, really, but I do advocate good breast and bra knowledge before hitting a shop, especially VS. Their bras are cute, but so are many other bras. I won’t go on and on about it here, because I’ve actually been drafting up a blog post of my own about bras.

    In other news, I’m glad you have bras you like! It’s important to wear good things. Oh! And for dancing, if you need a good sports bra, may I recommend Elomi Energise? I have this one and it’s amazing.

  2. Mia says:

    Hmm, maybe I should do a bra-ful post of my own, come to think of it. I own…four, now. Plus two sports bras for the exercising I never do. We’re both outside of the norm (well, “norm”) and our experiences are probably very different-in-a-similar-way, you know? Or maybe it’s similar-in-a-different way. Anyway! I like all the different colors your bras are. I had some cute orange and blue and green and pink ones a few years ago, but I’m pretty sure I tossed all those and now I have three peach ones and one dark gray. Funsies! :v

    • You should! I often appreciate hearing about the difference in our experiences with the world. They make me more aware of the choices I have that you don’t and vice versa, and thus more appreciative of certain things. :3

  3. I had a bra fitting at Intimacy a couple years ago, and it changed my life. (I went in Texas where I used to live, but there’s one in Chicago too, at 900 N Michigan.) I am on the opposite end of the spectrum from you, so it’s also the “similar/different in a similar/different way” thing. Victoria’s Secret has basically nothing small enough for me that isn’t ridiculously padded, but the lady at Intimacy showed me how a bra was supposed to fit (I didn’t realize how tight they should be; it took some getting used to, but now it feels right) and found three that I love. I would kind of like to have more, but they’re really expensive, and honestly, I have a black, a basically-my-skin-color, and a pretty gray with some lacy bits, and it’s really enough for me. I never wear anything else, except cheap sports bras that are all mashy for exercise. I’m thinking about going back there for some in-between sports/regular bras for long bike rides to go do stuff where I’d like to look somewhat presentable but don’t want to sweat too much in my nice bras.
    It looks like you have a good bra collection, but for others reading the comments or if you need more in the future, I can’t recommend Intimacy enough. It’s expensive, but you get good service and good quality. (And if they help you find a brand and size you like, you could get one there and then order more online.)

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