Outfit Post: 3/5/12

Top: The Brown Elephant — Camisole: Old Navy — Skirt: Anthropologie — Heels: ? — Thigh-highs: Sock Dreams — Earrings: Target

Sunlight! Sweet sunlight! Thanks to that otherwise no-good cotton-pickin’ time change, I now can actually get home while it’s still light out once in a while. I’m going to have to readjust to shooting outdoors, but otherwise, O happy day!

It makes me want to spin in circles! Very carefully, since spinning carelessly in high heels is a recipe for disaster.

(Outfit notes: I actually first put this ensemble together back in December during our trip to Mexico, as I desperately wanted something drapey and comfortable; I only wore it for a few hours the day that we arrived and was too tired/haggard-looking for pictures, so I stored the idea away in my selective little brain to be reworn at some point in the future. A couple weeks ago it was finally warm enough here in California for me to pull everything out again, and there was much rejoicing!)

5 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 3/5/12

  1. My word, woman. You are a goddess in this getup! Seriously. Are you 9 feet tall? You look statuesque in the best way. I’m enamored, to say the least.

    And yay sunlight! Though I’m shivering today…

  2. God, I love that maxi skirt on you. You rock it so so hard. Also, Chelsea’s right: you’re definitely at least nine feet tall in this ensemble. Also, those two colors are totally besties forever, just like you and me.

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