Outfit Post: 3/14/12 (Plus Ting Tings Mini-Review)

Button-front: Goodwill — Skirt: Old (Kathie Lee) — Tights: We ❤ Colors — Boots: Macy’s — Suspenders: Thrifted — Hat: Macy’s

Some days, you just feel like wearing a ton of maroon. Sometimes those days are rainy, so you get to use your (crappy, broken) umbrella as a photo prop. Ya feel me?

I’m slowly catching up with the photos that aggregated while I was unable to upload them to my laptop. (Good news: the problem that was happening before isn’t happening anymore! The hard drive is still probably dying a slow death, but at least I can connect the camera to the poor baby without said poor baby completely freezing up.)

Tip of the hat to you all, ladies and gents.

Bonus round: Mike and I went to see the Ting Tings on Sunday! I have no outfit picture from that day because my outfit was tremendously boring, but I do have one Bigfoot-quality picture of Katie, the “she” of the duo, courtesy of my new fancier phone:

You’ll have to take my word for it, I guess.

Anyhow, it was an excellent show! There was lots of energy and fancy lighting, and they both did a mighty fine job of making me enjoy myself, and making the 12:00am trip back to the Valley afterwards worth it. Katie in particular put on quite a fine show for someone who’d had major surgery nine days before the show. (“And you can keep my appendix, America!” she yelled at one point.) Truth time: there is one dancer and one dancer only on this blog, and it ain’t me. Dancing just doesn’t hold the same appeal for me as it does for Tia, although I do enjoy feeling the music, and I can get a mean groove on while standing in one place. Nevertheless, the Ting Tings made me feel like dancing, or at least bopping enthusiastically in place, and I did so with vigor.

If you haven’t heard their music and like dancey, poppy, high-energy stuff, you should check them out:

Their new CD Songs From Nowheresville dropped in the US recently, and it has a bit more stylistic variety than their previous album We Started Nothing, due to the band’s mixtape concept for the album; for me, that means it’s a bit more hit-and-miss, although the tracks that worked for me are stronger and more thoughtful than the pretty consistent goodness of We Started Nothing. Particular favorites, in case you’re curious: “Hit Me Down, Sonny,” “Give It Back,” “Soul Killing,” and “One By One.” “Hang It Up” is pretty good, but feels more like a track from We Started Nothing. (I do kind of wish that they’d been more serious about calling the second album Cocks after the record label rejected the early title of Kunst; as a title, “Songs From Nowheresville” is pretty dullsville.)

All in all, good music for having a weekend cleaning/dance party by yourself, or for some other kind of party with maybe more people. (Those kinds of parties exist? Pssht. Don’t tell me lies. Now hand me the broom and get outta here.)


7 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 3/14/12 (Plus Ting Tings Mini-Review)

  1. This outfit is so awesome! I’m a sucker for maroon anyhow, but I really love that skirt on you. Fantastic! The color on those tights is excellent … is it safe to assume they are … maroon? I think I need them.

    • Mia says:

      Why, no, in fact, they’re goldenrod! Okay, that was a poor excuse for a joke, but I’m about to go to bed so I’ll give myself a break. Yup, they’re the nylon/lycra solid color tights in maroon:


      I originally bought the microfiber tights, but they didn’t fit quite right so I exchanged them for a pair that’s less opaque but which has more stretch.

      • rubybastille says:

        YES I was just about to ask what color these were! They are exactly what I need to replace my current cheapo-brand pair, but I couldn’t really tell what color I should get from the website. Thanks, lady!

        Also my friends and I have irritated many a driver while rocking out to “That’s Not My Name” in the car.


    Unf. Lady. You. Look. So. Awesome. Like seriously. This is the perfect combination of suspenders and skirt and fabulous. Also that skirt shape on you is way too perfect.

    Still suuuper jealous of your Ting Tings time. We listened to the album a while back when Braden first put it on his iPod and I dug it hard.

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