Outfit Post: 3/15/12

Top: Goodwill (Heritage 1981) — Cardigan: Goodwill (Talbot’s) — Skirt: Handmade — Boots: Macy’s — Tights: Spanx — Earrings: Target

I keep saying I’m going to make another skirt or twelve like this one, but I never do. I really should, though; it’s dead easy (four panels of two fabrics in large trapezoids, sewn together with elastic at the waist) and comfy as hell, and even though I made this one with cheap Walmart broadcloth (yeah, yeah, I know, I was a poor high-schooler) at least eight years ago now, it shows nary a rip, tear, or hole, and it’s exceptionally comfortable. Except for when I roll up the end in one of my desk chair wheels, but that’s not the skirt’s fault.

And I only had to wait seven years for it to become trendy! Well, sort of, anyway. It’s not exactly the hottest style of maxi/midi-length skirt out there, but whatever. I’ll pretend I’m trendy and you can’t stop me.

Plus, you know, ridiculous tassel earrings. They count for something, right?

(P.S. I put up a new post at Nisaba Be Praised yesterday! Go read about the literature of Laos! At least, the little bit I was able to find after a few hours of research.)


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