Outfit Post: 3/22/12

Top: Goodwill — Denim jacket: Gift — Camisole: Old Navy — Skirt: Handmade — Boots: Thrifted — Flower pin: Handmade — Earrings: Gift

Okay, so, I promise you guys that I didn’t wear this skirt two days in a row. I just got lazy for a bunch of days and didn’t take any pictures, and the next time I did it was mysteriously Handmade Skirt Time again! The weather’s been kind of weird lately, fluctuating between overcast/rainy and warm–but the warm days aren’t quite warm enough to go bare-legged, but are too warm for a proper pair of tights, and grumblemumble I end up making strange compromises like lots of pants-wearing and long skirts with no tights. This outfit was mostly the product of what-isn’t-foul-and-already-in-the-laundry-hamper, and while it’s a little goofy, it’s not too bad.

Plus, you know, I took my denim jacket out for a spin. I’ve had this one for a while–my stepmom gave it to me as a gift a few years back–and I frequently waffle regarding it. It’s not a natural choice for me, and there are a few things I wish about it: I wish it were a bit shorter, I wish it had at least a few fewer zippers, etc. It is kind of fun, though, although the zipper teeth like to grab my glasses chain and yank it all around, which isn’t so great.

Back to the topic of strange compromises–the night before I wore this outfit, Tia and I were chatting, and I ended up giving her an outfit prompt to encourage her to get back into taking pictures and blogging about them. I maaaay or may not have given her a prompt that I know she has trouble with, but it was just to help her stretch her style-blogging wings, I swear! Anyway, to return the favor, she gave me an outfit prompt back, and it was an interesting one: “Your command is to wear something in a way not intended by its creator.”

Hm! I thought. This is actually something that I have trouble with myself, and unfortunately I don’t have any cardigans that I could wear backwards and call it done. So, naturally, I turned to cheating.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t call it cheating. Rather, I stretched the boundaries of the challenge. I did what she said to do, technically! Just in a way that was easier for me: by pairing two mismatched earrings. I lost the other Allosaurus earring a while ago, and the match to the little green gecko has had all his green rubbed off. They seem like good pals, after all that, and I added some green hints to the outfit (the flower pin on the hat, a green bracelet that you conveniently can’t see here) to try and make the whole thing feel more cohesive.

So, how about it, folks? Anybody else want to give me an outfit prompt so you can see how I cheat my way around it?


6 thoughts on “Outfit Post: 3/22/12

  1. dizneesmurf says:

    I love your cheat. I wear mismatched earrings sometimes on purpose. I’m glad you mentioned your posts were out of order because I was wondering if I was re-reading the same post with your awesome handmade skirt…but I was pretty sure the top part of the outfit was different ~ and I was right ~ hurray! Not time for the looney bin…yet.
    Can I challenge you to wear an ocean of colors ~ you know, blues, greens, teals, aquas. I’d be interested in seeing what combinations you come up with 🙂

  2. dizneesmurf says:

    I like how you cheat ~ I wear mismatched earrings on purpose sometimes and I don’t write a blog!
    I’m also glad you mentioned that this skirt wasn’t a duplicate post, but an out of order outfit. I was starting to wonder if it was time for me to get glasses, or check into the looney bin.
    Can I challenge you to dress like the ocean? I’d be interested in seeing what colors you would choose and also the accessories!

  3. Hooray handmade skirt! I do love this garment o’ yours. And that poor solitary allosaurus! I’m glad you found him a friend.

    And oof, long skirts without tights. Good idea for transitioning between seasons! This… is definitely me looking for further justification to buy or make a maxi skirt. Hooray!

  4. The weather’s pretty much the same here, except I only have one maxi, and it’s the leopard one… and I can’t wear it all the time. Seriously I love this hat, and the photo of you peeking over your jacket collar. I’m going to try to do that!

  5. You could totally chop the jacket off above the pockets if you wanted to shorten it AND remove some of the zippers. :3

    This is an adorable combiantion though: I really like the hat and the jacket.

    Oooh, you are a cheater though. XD

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